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Explore an abandoned robotics facility as a customizable robot. · By SolarLune

Misc Feedback

A topic by created Aug 24, 2017 Views: 372 Replies: 1
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I'm able to play the game now! I'm liking what I'm seeing, but here's a bunch of feedback to refine things:

Using an Xbox One controller. Doesn't feel like there's a dead zone at all. Whenever I let go of the stick, the flick is enough to make robo look the other direction. Really frustrating when you missile yourself in the face because of this.

Would be nice to be able to use the dpad on the Xbox One controller.

If your controller is off and you load the game, and then you turn on your controller, the controller isn't auto-detected. Not sure if there's a polling mechanism you can have running in the background?

I think the fight with the worm in the desert area could do with a music change when the worm appears.

I can see that there game "zones", like the city zone and desert zone. These get a transition effect during the load. However, that same transition should apply to doors within a zone, too. Current you press down, there's this awkward pause (more on that below) and then you're insta-teleported inside the door. I mean, it works, but it's jarring.

Awkward pause part 1: when you hit down to enter a door, your robo is frozen and some of the UI disspears, but the rest of the game world keeps simulating. Enemies are still moving and still targeting you with shots, although I don't think they do damage. I think you need to pause everything.

Awkward pause part 2: there is a 1 -3 second pause while going into any door. It feels really sloppy considering the size of the assets that are being displayed. Perhaps that pause is there in order to splice in a transition effect on screen that's currently missing? It feels way too slow.

I don't understand why there are separate Save and Heal NPCs. You can be at 2 units of HP going into a boss fight, but the save point outside of the boss fight doesn't have a heal NPC. So you save, go into the boss fight, die immediately, and then you're back at 100% on reload, even though there's no heal NPC. The heal NPC's animation is a quick lol, but it really seems like you should combine save+heal into a single NPC.

When you transition into the desert, the camera is placed to the left, focusing on the console NPC, instead of on your robo when he walks out of the door. I could understand this happening once in order to draw the player's attention, but doing it every time doesn't make sense.

There are a few platforms that are at the very top of a view. So you can have 3/4 of your body in the screen above, but the camera is still focusing on the screen below. Not a big deal in cases where there is a platform right above you, but there were a few cases where you need to horizontally jump to hit a platform in a screen above you. Feels not good.

> I'm able to play the game now!

Yes! Finally, haha.

Thanks a lot for the feedback - I'll see about resolving a lot of this QoL stuff in the next update.

You can use the D-pad on any controller, you just have to bind it - I  suppose that's a pain, so I'll look into resolving that, too. 

Auto-polling the controller isn't possible, unfortunately - you'll have to have it plugged in from the start if you want to use a controller. I could look into it again, though - it's been awhile since I last checked to ensure that it doesn't work (I believe it's supposed to with the framework I'm using).

The door pausing is intentional, but if it feels sloppy, I can clean it up and make it shorter - there's no reason for it to be there apart from aesthetics.

Thanks for playing and being so patient so far!