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2D Hero anim Character Pack

A topic by 2D/3D ARTIST & ANIMATOR created Aug 23, 2017 Views: 518 Replies: 2
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This package is perfect for anyone needing appealing 2D character Shooter, Arcade,Puzzle, learning, Adventure, Casual animations for quick prototyping, or even a finished game! Simply plug the animation into whatever character controller you're using.
Simple Reskin. Adding the characters, you can quickly adjust Rig without affecting the animation. 

The source files are included as illustrator .ai,.svg,.eps,.json + native Unity animation, Spine2D, DragonBones Pro. Source files included for all Hero texture data. Especially useful should your project require alternate resolutions, or further manipulation of colours or other extraneous information.

Scene of an example of control by the character for an arcade, a platformer or a shooter! See images and Youtube video for animations and model preview. 

This package contains 12 characters Hero, soldiers, special forces: 

This package contains 2D rigged character (without plug-ins and scripts, standard means of Unity)

* Idle 
* Jump
* Run
* Gun
* Sit down
* Sneaking
* Walk
* Two kinds of death
* Knife
* Rocket
* Grenade

Nice work!

Thanks for the feedback