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[Rev-share] 3D madness game, need help on programming side

A topic by firecat created Jan 11, 2016 Views: 356
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Hi, i'm looking for someone to help my game make it into the market. I have done many free games that can be found here:

Now i'm ready to move into make a profit game and on my own term in 3D design. So far the prototype game has bugs but playable to a certain point. I'm still learning c# so i cant really do complex stuff like adding the animation, hazard items, traps and more.

What i'm looking for is someone who can program in .NET, C#, C/C++ or other language libraries. Who can work without the source code, it cost $2000 to buy the source code so ya i cant even get it. lastly stay in touch with me from time to time, it can anything from skype or a messaging program.

What you should know? I will be doing all the art and finding music, you only need to program the game and maybe test the game for fun. I will never, ever, release this game in steam just forget it, the game will be on sale on Amazon, and more. lastly don't expect a AAA game, just because i can make 3D models well doesn't mean it happens to all my models, i'm limited to what the programs i used.

We will be using NeoAxies free version:

I will not go into Unity, it's not my type of program and NeoAxies can do a test level faster than Unity never ending coding.

Any questions or anything i missed, post them on this thread. i don't speak english so please do not bring that up.