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what is your favorite danganronpa characters in all the 3 games

A topic by Aoi Asahina 🍩 created 53 days ago Views: 78 Replies: 3
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talk about your fav danganronpa character from the series, and why


I really liked Celestia Ludenberg from the first one. She seemed the most “unreal” character at first, at least to me, and I loved that when you get to know her she becomes more and more human.

Also her being the ultimate Gambler was so interesting, it’s so fun picturing her with that appearance sitting on a casino and gambling away.

I’m not gonna mention more details, to avoid spoilers.

ooo celestia was awesome, sucks that she died tho

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Toko Fukawa, Korekiyo and Akane.

also not to forgot my boy nagito.

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