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Perseverance Full Clearance! NOW RELEASE!

A topic by Bizarre Monkey created Aug 20, 2017 Views: 96
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A few days late, oops! But the wait is over, you can now play for free the 6+ hour long cinematic shooter epic about cats with guns, eldritch pig monsters and demonic girls and revolution!

Me and my team have been working incredibly hard and fast to bring this overly ambitious project out to the world, we've delayed a few times and are really, really sorry about that! We just had no idea this project would become so large, but we're glad to say, my perfectionism and all-- that it's finally ready for you to ogle up and enjoy!

Features include but are not limited to:
-7 acts of hyper intense beautifully woven content.
-Over 20 Highly epic bossfights that will test you and your current weapons.
-10 Weapons each with different behaviours when fired while moving or standing still.
-6 Power ups you can collect and use to your advantage.
-An immersive atmospheric charming world and outrageously endearing characters that feel real. Also for more immersion you can press f4 to go full screen.
-A bunch of Puzzles and chase events, too!
-and so much more!

The game takes large inspiration from a mix of Ratchet and Clank, Oddworld, V for Vendetta and LackadaisyCats. There are other inspirations too, but those are the big ones that come to mind!

Without further ado, feel free to go visit the game's page if you're interested!