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My Games Free Weekend

A topic by cbgamedev created Aug 18, 2017 Views: 149
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It's my birthday so I thought I would put all my games for free for a couple of days, enjoy!

- Indie Dev Story -

Quit your job to become an indie developer and make your first game. A singleplayer 'clicker' game which tries to mimic the frantic feeling of being an indie developer; make your game while trying to stay healthy, social and earning enough money to pay the bills.


 An 80s style beat 'em up, inspired by the likes of Street FighterMortal Kombat and Marvel Vs Capcom.  Fight through a single-player game mode, unlocking new characters and a VS mode so you can play against your friends in local-multiplayer Player Vs Player action!

Also if you like reading about game development, I wrote postmortems about making these games:

Indie Dev Story -

Rage -

Hope you enjoy!