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[MAC] Early Development of a new Puzzle Programming game - feedback please

A topic by shalevy created Aug 14, 2017 Views: 72
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Hi All,

In this programming puzzle game you are giving simple units of execution that can be connected on an hexagon grid. Each unit executes a simple task on it's given in-ports and produces an output results on it's out-ports. Connect given out-port to an out unit to produce a sequence of numbers as instructed by the given puzzle.

After spending several months building the framework of this game, designing several puzzles and trying to balance the difficulty vs. creativity, I would really appreciate some criticism. Is it too easy, too hard? is the concept boring? is it fun to just design small programs in the sandbox? What other ideas can this leads to? Should I continue the development and in which direction?

Obviously, I have some ideas where I would like to take this concepts to. Some are not trivial and would require lots of additional work. Before I invest in some of those directions, I thought it would be a good idea to provide people with access to the early development of the game and gather feedback. project link:

Simple youtube tutorial: