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MAZEBOT - First public playable - Call for feedback

A topic by DynamiteWhale created Aug 12, 2017 Views: 112 Replies: 2
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Hello out there,

Our new project "MazeBot" just released the first public version (on We have a couple of levels, basic mechanics implemented, and before we go ahead with implementing all the crazy stuff that's on our mind, we want to see where the project is headed. 

So please, give it a try, it would be totally awesome if you'd help us by filling out the survey:

Admin moved this topic to Release Announcements

I moved your post to the release announcements board because it seems like a more appropriate place, if you were planning on having a devlog in this thread I can move it back.

I like the CGA effect you have going on, nice work.

Thank you leafo. Looks like I got a bit confused :)