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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

Custom maps / Map and, or game Save sharing.

A topic by Spektor- created Aug 11, 2017 Views: 3,582 Replies: 10
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The game by its self is amazing, and I think that if the community started to make custom maps and things like that the game would get more attention. One question I had is if the developer(s) Would be ok with the community doing that and sharing custom mad maps. There is a map editor already on this website which is unofficial FYI.


there is an unofficial map maker programm,

your link in your message doesnt work 


Hey there! I really agreed with the need to produce custom maps, and was the main motivation behind the editor, hope you have fun!


You could make your own and share it.

Want about a Sticky for Custom Maps?


ive made a map, took about 4 hrs this is the first time ive ever mad a map for any game so it may not be the best but i tried my best. The inspiration is from me google-ling pictures of islands. i left a large open area at the bottom of the main island for you to build at and also a small section on the left of the map. Hopefully everyone will enjoy the map here is the download link on One Drive.!Ajv-EqcW_LfThm4VPeULdxTskRrf the download button is on the top of the page. Feedback welcomed.

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2 fps more than 200 advanced bot :D

this is a map that will require you to be modular and organized

download as a .txt file

i made this one:!AmjftVKAl2U-jC_MShEA5yGCIt9s