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IDeas Sticky

A topic by olinguito created Aug 11, 2017 Views: 100 Replies: 8
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comment ideas here

I found this through a youtube comment and I like it.could you make the game end once a team is wiped out?It is a really interesting game.


Thanks. For the ideas!

also for sound you could just make it to where when the entities and player do whatever the firing action is called it plays a stock sound in the data folder :)

Could you make a "Quit Game" button for the main menu.Also sorry I cant donate yet


tanks for the idea. I think alt-f4 is easier but it Will come!


how much do You think the game is worth?


btw You dont need to donate

IK I just feel like I should.also the game is worth,in its current state,about 50 cents to a dollar.