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​Ashore - alpha v1.9.3 (report 2)

A topic by noahphense created Aug 10, 2017 Views: 143 Replies: 6
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Ashore - alpha v1.9.3 (report 2)

* (bug) you can exceed the 45 count in the vegetation inventory

* (spilled seed [grin]) if vegetation inventory is full, and you extract the seeds from more fruit, and you are not able to add them to inventory and you lose those (5) seeds that you just crafted in the Seed Table.  The newly created seeds that cannot fit into your inventory are destroyed when you click cancel.

* (weapons idea) be able to unload a gun, put ammo back to 'ammo count', hate selling weapons with ammo in it .. ;)

Question: Are you planning on making ammo for each weapon?  Just curious.

* (note) keep having to learn the 'window fence' .. 

* (im an idiot) never realized that there was a clock in the STATS menu .. -- still doesn't change my thoughts about the clock in the gui

* (gui time clock) When you do add the clock to the GUI, maybe you could make it a toggle under Display in Settings?  Or the easier route would be to set it as a toggle and let the user have a hotkey for it in the Controls menu, like you have the "H" for hide chat..  [maybe "T" for time?]

* (crafting) Metal_Long created with STONE .. (pic)

* (note) Was curios about the ammo count being in all boxes of all items.  (pic)


* (generators / fuel) I'm guessing that fuel consumption has not been implemented yet.  Which is totally fine with me while I'm just starting to test all the electrical components.  ;)

* (note / bug) if fuel is in my hotbar, I cannot add it to the generator, I have to place it back in my inventory first .. 

* (idea) be able to pickup all electrical items back into inventory



So I just uploaded update 1.9.4 and I did take a look at this before I upload it and managed to fix the bugs you mentioned.

As always thank you very much for reporting!

To answer your question: 

I don't plan to make different types of ammo, because to me personally its just annoying lol.

Regarding the fuel consumption , its implemented and ready all I have to do is enable it (set a Boolean to true :p). But I think i'll leave it off until I add more electronics.

Roger that on the boolean.  Personally, when I code something that is off, I have it in the false state.   // like to keep it real  ;)

PS -- what are you using for your animated gifs?


Recording: Fraps

Editting: Sony Vegas

Converting from WMV to GIF: https://ezgif.com/ 

I realized my last post was a little long winded.  So I am emailing it to you.


Developer (Edited 1 time)

Sure! no problems.


PS: Uploading a new update right now :)