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Break Chance Memento

a VN about family bonds across time · By Cyanide Tea

A little problem

A topic by LittleMi created Jan 06, 2016 Views: 692 Replies: 3
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Before I will go to the problem itself, I wanted to say: I'm amazed with amount of work you put into this game. It's really visible. I love the characters, love the art, almost everything.

However I'm a type of person who usually plays the game only once, because I'm choosing this option which seems natural for the MC for me. And I have a question about chapter 4!

I wasn't able to save Yukinari and I got bad ending (which was really nice written, I must admit), but I wanted to ask: was it because of my choices (don't help the child and hide)? Would it be different if I registered a figurine from Yukinari's and Natsume's room in chapter 3*? I'm asking because if it is the first option I will probably play again as "different Shuuki". If the latter I would just play as I played, but go back to save from chapter 3 and register the figurine...

*I didn't see any option of looking for mementos in chapter 4, so I'm just blindly guessing...


Thank you so much! I'm glad that you're enjoying the game (problems aside).

A hint: In chapter 4 when you visit the estate, you have a chance to interact with both of Yukinari's brothers, depending on the decisions you've made. If you hide from both of them, then you won't be able to ask any questions or look around the estate.

Thank you so much for your quick answer!

I will probably write to you again when I will see all chapters, but I am nearly sure I won't be disappointed :)

So I played the whole game now from the beginnng to the end (so SPOILERS ahead!) and even though I wasn't really surprised by the second half of the last chapter it was still pretty awesome! I loved the characters especially, my goodness, I could feel them so much that it hurts (in a good way, of course). And I teared so much when Natsume was in coma, and it even happened the day I was born, you monsters! But jokes aside - I really do loved it, the foreshadowing and Sumire's design (like she wasn't pretty, but just... normal looking, I guess?), and many things more, I'm not sure I am able to list them.

Letting it be the best review - I will buy your game again when it get to Steam even though I will get the code. Probably not to soon, but I will, just to express my support and how grateful I am for your hard work.

Thank you so much!