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Hi, I just picked up to see the changes in the updated demo and wanted to let you know about a small error I got!

Thank you so much!

Hi, I've heard there's some rape content in the game and I wanted to ask how can I avoid it? Because I'm curious about the rest of the game

I loved the music, the backgrounds are absolutely gorgeous and the characters are cute. I really appreciate how you're showcasing unhealthy behaviours as unhealthy but still very human.

I haven't played through all the six available routes yet, but Neptune and Ur are my babies and I want to protect them with everything I have not gonna lie

Got the sweet ending and it's really such an amazing route. Loved it with all my might.

It's so hard to write a dangerous love interest in a way that's not icky and you did it SO WELL. Time to play Bahadur's route!

So I played the whole game now from the beginnng to the end (so SPOILERS ahead!) and even though I wasn't really surprised by the second half of the last chapter it was still pretty awesome! I loved the characters especially, my goodness, I could feel them so much that it hurts (in a good way, of course). And I teared so much when Natsume was in coma, and it even happened the day I was born, you monsters! But jokes aside - I really do loved it, the foreshadowing and Sumire's design (like she wasn't pretty, but just... normal looking, I guess?), and many things more, I'm not sure I am able to list them.

Letting it be the best review - I will buy your game again when it get to Steam even though I will get the code. Probably not to soon, but I will, just to express my support and how grateful I am for your hard work.

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your quick answer!

I will probably write to you again when I will see all chapters, but I am nearly sure I won't be disappointed :)

Before I will go to the problem itself, I wanted to say: I'm amazed with amount of work you put into this game. It's really visible. I love the characters, love the art, almost everything.

However I'm a type of person who usually plays the game only once, because I'm choosing this option which seems natural for the MC for me. And I have a question about chapter 4!

I wasn't able to save Yukinari and I got bad ending (which was really nice written, I must admit), but I wanted to ask: was it because of my choices (don't help the child and hide)? Would it be different if I registered a figurine from Yukinari's and Natsume's room in chapter 3*? I'm asking because if it is the first option I will probably play again as "different Shuuki". If the latter I would just play as I played, but go back to save from chapter 3 and register the figurine...

*I didn't see any option of looking for mementos in chapter 4, so I'm just blindly guessing...