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So I played the whole game now from the beginnng to the end (so SPOILERS ahead!) and even though I wasn't really surprised by the second half of the last chapter it was still pretty awesome! I loved the characters especially, my goodness, I could feel them so much that it hurts (in a good way, of course). And I teared so much when Natsume was in coma, and it even happened the day I was born, you monsters! But jokes aside - I really do loved it, the foreshadowing and Sumire's design (like she wasn't pretty, but just... normal looking, I guess?), and many things more, I'm not sure I am able to list them.

Letting it be the best review - I will buy your game again when it get to Steam even though I will get the code. Probably not to soon, but I will, just to express my support and how grateful I am for your hard work.

Thank you so much!