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A short horror story, about your childhood. · By Aetheric Games

[SPOILERS] Let's Plays of Bonbon [SPOILERS]

A topic by RadiCarl created Aug 07, 2017 Views: 361 Replies: 2
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Hi Aetheric Games! 
Thought that I would start a topic about peoples let's plays of this game. Whoever wants to post their let's play of Bonbon can post it here :)
I really liked the game even though I found it SUUUUUPER strange! But I guess that's the point with the whole experience? ;)

Stay Rad Everybody!!


Well, here are a few... XD    - I also added [SPOILERS] to your thread title, because ... spoilers. Obvs. 

I am about to take this enlarged rat back to the pet store and I am about to throw hands if it keeps eating my cake!!!!