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Custom location files for Endless ATC · By startgrid

Terrain alerts for departing and established traffics

A topic by cissarjuver created Apr 09, 2021 Views: 75 Replies: 3
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Hello,  I write you because when I created the Barcelona TMA sector in detail, I had the problem that traffics departing from secondary airports which have an MRVA above the airport, are considered as a conflict incident as soon as they are under my responsibility. The same happens when traffics are established on the LOC but below the MRVA.  Please, could you solve this problem? (Traffics not to be considered in conflict with terrain when they are departing and performing the SID; or when they are established on the LOC)




Hello Cesar,

Have you tried giving the area a 'name' similar to the two-letter code of the airport? If the names match, then no conflict should happen (see for example the default EHAM airport, which has an 'RD' area only allowed for planes from/to the 'RD' airport). Let me know if this doesn't solve the issue.


I tried what you said, but unfortunately, it didn't solve the issue. 


Also see the example.txt, which has an [area1] with 'name = SC' property, located around the secondary SC airport. Traffic in/outbound SC can enter that area without incident. Also make sure the [area] section has a unique number.