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Getting 403 erros on webGL version of my game.

A topic by theanomaly created Aug 05, 2017 Views: 285 Replies: 2
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I'm making both windows and webGL version of my unity game ( On last update I've changed default background images and only after uploading it to I noticed that webGL version fails to load background. I've checked firefox console and I noticed 403 error.

I checked it on Chrome. Also not working.
I checked my localhost version of webGL. It worked fine.
I downsized my images a bit (from 4000x3000 to 2000x1500) still nothing. Since I've changed their extension to jpg they had smaller filesize than background I have before update and that background loaded every time, so it's not file size issue.
I downsized my images to 800x600 which is my webGL version of game resolution and... 4 of 5 images loads correctly (A does not load. This is the version that is currently on my page. A file does not have the biggest file size of 5 pictures.)

I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Is there a reason why I'm getting those 403 errors?

I've managed to find what's wrong. Image name was A.JPG. I searched for A.jpg. My windows 7 doesn't care about whether extension is upper case or not. Server apparently cares. When I downsized files in gimp I changed extension.


Glad you figured it out. Our servers are case sensitive. Thanks