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A puzzle game for your mouse or finger! Swipe tiles to form crosses and beat the clock! · By Max Krieger

UX and Bug

A topic by Chris Wade created Aug 05, 2017 Views: 458 Replies: 1
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Hey! I like the visual design so far. Will feel great on mobile I think.

Some notes from a few minutes of playing:
  • Was totally confused when I started playing until I went back and read the instructions on the itch page. Might be worthwhile to add a splash page to the game with those instructions until you can make a real tutorial since most people will just click the play link while reading as little as possible.
  • Alternatively, the name cross in the instructions wasn't clear enough so maybe call them screen-crosses or full-cross
  • I ran into what's seemingly a bug where I couldn't match teal tiles, though not sure why. This was after doing a few crosses already. Here's what the board looked like when this happened:

That's all I've got for now, but keep it up!

I agree with using the term "full-cross" or "screen-cross" in the instructions or tutorial!