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Catch 22?

A topic by Edit created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 608 Replies: 4
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I'm a bit confused, I have been playing this game a few hours now and I'm not sure how to get tin, I thought it might be in the ruins on the other side of the ranch (not in the game yet) and the only other place I think it would be is past the area you make the bridge, but I need a bronze ax to get hardwood (for some reason I've goten two from some smaller tree) and to make a bronze ax I need tin, ect.

How do you get hardwood/tin before making the bridge?

Tin and copper can be had in the Abandoned Ruins within the city limits. Tin is acquired while mining copper.

After that you can make the bronze axe to chop down bigger trees and get hardwood.

Ah, thank you. I thought the ruins (the dangerous ruins) was the one refered to when one of the NPCs mentions tin.

This is actually really good feedback. I ran into the exact same problem. I ran around for over an hour trying to figure out how I was supposed to get into that tower and had to watch a youtuber to figure out that there were separate ruins in the town. I know they seem obvious now that I know where they are, but the fact that there are other ruins really throws this off.


Try the newest build and see, we've added in a tutorial pop up for this specific problem, kind of in your face, but it should solve the issue.