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Hey @leafo, can we get Team groups, for developed games?

A topic by 0ajs8fj8aisdfpnm created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 149 Replies: 4
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title :P


What do you mean by team groups? Like an account page that's owned by a team? Or do you have something else in mind when you say "group"

I mean, a group of people who made a game, whitout having to create a Team account for hosting the game. For exemple, my game Timers, was made by me and my friends. But I uploaded it, and so that is in my account. I want the game to be in their account too, whitout having multiple uploads of the same game.

Please tell me if I was't clear. Thanks!


You can already accomplish that by adding them as "Game admins." You can find a link in the more menu on the game's edit page. Tell me if that isn't what you're looking for. Thanks

Oh, thats it! Thank you so much!