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Bonbon - a short horror game, about your childhood

A topic by Aetheric Games created Aug 04, 2017 Views: 1,321
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Bonbon is a short horror story, about your childhood.

Available now on, initially for Windows, Mac version to follow.

Even if you weren't a small child in the 80s, you've been here before. Just you and your friendly toys. But this new friend... this is something you are not yet able to understand.

Bonbon is a short-form domestic horror narrative (or walking sim, if you like), made in Unreal Engine 4, set in a suburban UK home in the 1980s, in which you navigate childhood events beyond your capacity to understand, and without parental context.

Play time is around 20 to 40 minutes, depending on your play-style. Progression requires the completion of some simple tasks, but it is mostly about exploring the objects and events around you. Play with mouse and keyboard, or a 360-style gamepad.

Not free, but the price is set to reflect the play time - just $1.95.