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Sleepy Orphan Simulator

Help a poor orphan win some hearts before sleep takes him. · By Powerhoof


A topic by Game Saute created Aug 01, 2017 Views: 427 Replies: 3
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The controls and graphics were really cool but I found the music unsettling and out of place. It was annoying me how it kept repeating "you are in an orphanage". 
 I also found the run out of energy mechanic counter intuitive. The best part of this game is the controls and then you punish people for using them and challenge them to use them as little as possible.  I'd have a lot more fun playing if I could waggle about and play with the mechanics, then trying to move as little as possible and restarting the room if I do too much.


My problem with the game was the timer.  It was soo annoying to go all the way back to the beggining

Completely disagree - this game might look like a platformer, so that's what you assumed it should be. But it's actually a very interesting and original resource management game (the resource being energy). And if you actually listen to what's being said in the background noise it's pretty hilarious. Thumbs up from me!