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Looks good, nice atmosphere.

This version is showing logging info including FPS and missing assets.

It's also missing a comprehensive controls screen - had to guess it was "i" for inventory.

I couldn't find any way to progress in the room with the music box. Turned out the lights but was there supposed to be writing on the ceiling? The doors are not responsive.

Looks great but there's many problems, most of which should be easy to fix but made it too hard to get into for me:

- Invisible borders galore, hard to tell where you're 'supposed' to go.

- Doesn't capture mouse properly in multi-screen setups (mouse leaves frame and games loses focus frequently)

- Could not pick up weapon with action key

- Could not get back to game from options screen

Did you study film or drama? I ask because the cutscenes in this are beautifully done; the subtle animations, the timing, the angles - really beings an emotional weight rarely seen in games.

That said it was pretty hard to figure out what to do or what was going on in the game proper so you have some way to go. I'm tipping you 10 bucks because I want you to get there.

Brilliant concept! It's like Tron meets Five Nights at Freddie's. So hard to find something that feels new these days so this was very satisfying.

To notch flame effects, the backdraft mechanic was iamazing.

If you're not planning on developing it further, can you at least tell us what the story was going to be?

Nice little game. I'd tip you a few bob if i could.

Needs crosshairs

Great concept for a side scrolling shooter and really charming art style. My only complaints are a) the movement is too slow to maneuver through some of the tighter gaps between projectiles (as well as to respond to the projectile speed of the second boss) and the maximum powerup state makes it impossible to dodge literally everything.

Beautiful, simple, elegant and effective. Aren't we just those checkers on the board, at the end of the day ;)

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A perfect run and gun experience! Using 'lizard men' was a masterstroke for allowing the action to be hard and heavy without ruining the fun tone with gore.

This was way too good to get for free so here's 10 bucks.

Great mix of humor, horror, and challenge. I think you could expand on it. Here's 5 bucks.

Loved it. Feels like a love letter to Delphine software games of the early 90s.

Awesome and original concept, well conceived gameplay mechanic. Definitely worth expanding into a full-fledged game. Here's 5 bucks.

I like that you have to keep experimenting to find where the character is, how to move them and how to change the perspective. But like everyone else I can't see any way past the second room.

Wow. Two days to make this? Amazing. I loved the double twist - satire to genuine horror to kicking butt.

This is an absolutely outstanding premise that could be made into something more substantial. I hope you do!

Next to the whale there is a bowl of petunias.

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On the plus side you have engineered the scares very well, and the environment is quite good. And while it is fine that it's essentially a walking sim with no meaningful actions to be undertaken by the player, there is a bit too much aimless wandering involved before you find the room you're supposed to go in/door you're supposed to walk through.

Can't get to the second console.

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Not a bad lil' RPG - but unfortunately in the 4th safehouse I encountered (first with a vending machine) I was unable to exit.

Very cool concept. You could take it a lot further.

I'm sorry, but repeatedly going into a creepy infernal environment only to find tapes that tell me I should stay out of the creepy infernal environment doesn't make for a compelling or rewarding game experience for me.

A perfect blend of precision platforming, beautiful aesthetic, problem solving, enigmatic narrative and immersive atmosphere. Bravo! Here's 10 bucks.

No doubt Nintendo will take issue with Mario wielding a gun, and maybe they are right to.

Nice graphics and cool concept... so sorry to say the controls suck.

Cool, original concept. I'm sure it can be mixed with a few other ideas and turned into a substantial game!

Gotta be honest, I didn't find myself enjoying this game (felt like work). But there's no denying you have executed a very original concept brilliantly through a series of innovative game mechanics. Bravo!

This was a beautifully made game. Great characters (design and story) and a very well conceived and competently-executed set of game mechanics. I can't say it rings true as a representation of trench warfare, but as a well-crafted experience its great.

Loved, loved, loved it. Perfect level of challenge, great variety of environments, intuitively connected in a beautiful landscape. I'd gladly pay for this.

Hey this looks cool but I'll hold out for an English translation. I've followed you guys so just post if it happens!

Bit of a lean demo, to be honest. Not much to make it stand out.

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Any game based on a Far Side panel gets a thumbs up in my book

Will I be understand what is going on? No, actually. Will I be entertained and challenged all the same? Yes I will. For a first P & C effort, this is excellent.

Its like Worms and Monkey Island had a baby. Top job!

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Hey, I loved the environment and the lore - very enchanting. But, THE CONTROLS! I know you warn it can only be played properly on an XBox controller, but it would be SO EASY to accommodate keyboard and mouse. Sadly the mouse sensitivity was terrible, I never could find the keyboard equivalent of the B button, and holding down the equivalent of X (the E key) didn't work for crafting, so I couldn't get any further. Come on guys, it can't be that much effort.

I had the same problem as ErrArachnica - got as far as asking Red about the contradiction between cataloging everything and destroying the circuit board immediately, and a new piece of info was added in solid purple without readable text. So I couldn't get any further. 

Shame, as I was starting to enjoy the game.