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A member registered Apr 18, 2017

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With all due respect this is too buggy to even suggest paying any money for it. 

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Completely disagree - this game might look like a platformer, so that's what you assumed it should be. But it's actually a very interesting and original resource management game (the resource being energy). And if you actually listen to what's being said in the background noise it's pretty hilarious. Thumbs up from me!

This is the scariest monster attack I have ever experienced in a game. Really visceral.

Gotta say these are the best graphics I have ever seen... And I don't mean for an indie game, I mean ever. Mindblowing detail.

Nice little game. Simple concept, very well executed.

Outstanding game! I came here wanting to tip you some money for it, but doesn't seem to be a way.

Only one small complaint - lack of accurate control info for PC.

I think you could definitely expand this into a fully-fledged release. Well done!

Really unique style and gameplay.

But the chef fight killed it for me. Even that had some good ideas, but the randomness, lack of control and sheer number of factors working against you just made it a hugely frustrating button mashing experience.