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Watch the rise and fall of empires! · By snoddasmannen

Just a Fan

A topic by PointlessFigment created Jul 31, 2017 Views: 288 Replies: 2
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Look Man, What you have done with this is Amazing- Normally games- No this isn't even a game really, More of a... God Simulation- You are watching over your 'People' knowing at any point you can easily smite them from their plane of existence- But you don't, They are you children- and you are their Parent; I'm getting off track here- This is a Beautiful "Game" I hope you don't stop this project- I Really hope you don't God knows how many projects like this have been dropped- But honestly you deserve some help with this game- I'm afraid I know nothing of 'Design' or 'Graphics' or even Coding- Or else I would honestly offer to help for free ^^; This is just so wonderful- And I hope to be in this community for a long time.


-Just a Fan, WC.

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I'd love for either Dwarf Fortress to eventually have some sort of spectation god mode along with more accessibility, or for something else to eventually get close to the level of depth that has. (which might never happen, but at least something with enough depth that it feels like a unique experience on every fresh generated world)  This "game" easily kept me interested an entire afternoon and would be interested in where it's headed.  It's definitely not something I'd consider to be a standard "game", but I'd love for more developers to attempt something in the "micro to macro world simulation sandbox" department.  Only problem is, as a game developer myself, I don't know if there's a market for it like there was for the new Idle games that appeared lately...

Edit:  thinking about it some more, I feel like this is something that's finally dawning on me now.  There's been many times before where I imagined how cool it'd be for there to be these huge "worlds" or universes, that work like a world simulation... but instead of going for realism they go for a gamified, fantastic ecosystem that attempts to allow for some intense encounters, stories, events, stuff you'd see in an open world action rpg, but in god sim mode.  Galimulator is interesting because it also wants to be a game, so it includes the ability to "take control" which could be really interesting for future world simulators, because at any point in the sim, you could make it feel like a game.  

Anyways, the point I want to make here is, that concept hasn't been done enough yet.  I think there's real potential there.  Like, a lot of potential.  The reason why I see that in a game like this is because unlike a lot of other god or sim games, this is tied to an actual functioning game with actual, fun mechanics.  The Sims without the big picture?  Just people living their usual social lives.  Spore without the big picture?  animals being animals.  99% of the "X Simulator 20XX" games without the big picture?  You are basically driving something or doing handiwork.  Yeah, we need more world sim games that are actually based on a large scale "game" with deep mechanics and extremely high amounts of emerging ones as well.  Epic battle simulator is too simple (just war), and yet this game doesn't even need 3d graphics and it already shows more potential.  I won't be making anything on any scale anytime soon though, I'm busy on a 2-man indie team making something else.  I also have a tendency to type large essays on the internet as can be seen here.


Hey guys, great reading this :) Wc9903, just keep playing the game, pitching ideas if you have them, it means a lot to me. I'm not doing this to make money, this is not my job, hearing from happy fans and continuing to play with this thing is the reason I do it. So far I'm not bored, one day I probably will be, but hearing things like what you say keeps that day still some way in the future :)

Chromewing: I think in terms of making a game like Galimulator commercially viable, what I would do is focus much more on the gameplay aspects, and then adding some large scale simulation including sandboxing as an afterthought. I think you'd end up with a game that is mostly like 1000 other 5x games, with some extra fancy sandbox buttons that 10% of the players ever use. Would adding those extra simulation features be commercially justifiable? I doubt it.

Galimulator is the reverse, I just want to see what happens if you let empires loose, throw in some monsters, have people in there and see how they advance in their careers, etc etc. Being able to play the game itself is an afterthought (at first I didn't even want a pause button!), but it does admittedly create some interesting things. But if I want to make nice scenarios, missions, space combat UI, whatever, to lure in large scale players, then I'm afraid I will need to sacrifice something in the simulation itself.

If there is some golden middle ground in there, where you get the best of both worlds, and there may be, then a one man team like me is not enough to find it, design it, implement it, market, monetize it etc etc.

So I'm not going for that, I'm just doing what I think is fun, and we'll see how that goes :)

Thanks for the very interesting write-up! Oh, and good luck with your games!