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Soulash is a fantasy roguelike where you play as a forgotten god set on destroying the world. · By Artur Smiarowski

Noob Guide: For Noobs

A topic by warkow created 93 days ago Views: 84 Replies: 4
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Description: Hold “Left Shift” while hovering pointer over a tile.

Open Door: Hit “y” or “Y”button and select adjacent Door Tile.
Drinking Water: When near water, hit “u” button.

Replenish Stamina: Hit “r” button.

Replenish Fatigue: Hit the “R” button or select the “Tent” icon above quickslot bar.

Beds: When near a bed, the icon for bed will appear in the “Items Nearby” window/pop-up. You will replenish Health/Stamina/Fatigue very quickly, instead of without a bed.

Butchering: Keep an eye on the quickslot bar, above it will show additional buttons when your PC will be able to do certain actions, like butchering. Go near a corpse and look for the button to appear. I’m not sure where butchered items in your inventory go, they are like socks in the wash.

Home base: You don’t start in a home base, it may be a farmers hut, an Inn, a gnomes cellar, bar cave, etc. Find a place you can slowly clear out the surrounding mobs. Quickly find a source of water, stones and lastly food. The map is static, and stays the same, I believe, so find an area you can handle and make your way toward that position as soon as possible, to set up a home base.
Spoiler (semi): There are very, very advantageous places to set up your home base. Water source and some crafting tables/furnishings is a plus.


Nice start warkow. A couple of things that could improve the guide:

  • Drinking water is "n" by default. 
  • The "y" key can be used to close the door too.
  • Small "r" is for resting, while "R" (shift + r) is for sleeping.

ahh, I didn’t know “caps” denotes the action. Gtk! Ty

What happens to meat butchered when the corpse of an animal is in my inventory?

It should be placed in your inventory (or dropped but picked up) unless you can't carry enough weight.