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Game Not Appearing

A topic by Wonderland created Jul 29, 2017 Views: 562 Replies: 5
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I just created a project page, set the game as in-development, and made the page public but I can't find it through search even if I search for the exact name of the game...? Thanks.

I have the exact same problem . My game (Roll The Ball) is not appearing in the search . Can someone tell what's the problem . Also do you check or uncheck the box saying "Unlisted in search & browse" ?


@Wonderland Games that don't have any files aren't included in our search at the moment. Only playable games are. In the future we may add a search option to also show those games.

Ok fair enough thanks.

@leafo When I published my game yesterday there was no indication that it would be unlisted. It would be good to mention that in the game edit page when setting it public, or in the confirmation e-mail, or in the FAQ...

If I want to get some eyes on my game I will then have to make it an expensive early-access type of thing? I wanted to avoid that...


I agree, we need to make this more clear!