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Procedural and sleek bullet hell. · By akirassasin

My Opinion v0.1

A topic by Mr. Heating created Jul 28, 2017 Views: 204 Replies: 21
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To anyone who hasn't read "My Opinion" yet, read that post before reading this one, because here we pick up, where the last one ended.

So, about the things I liked nothing has really changed. But several things changed which I do not really appreciate.

1. I haven't mentioned that earlier since it wasn't that bad, but now - I am ok with difficult patterns, I am ok with attack that go in circle, I am ok with homing attacks, but I am not ok with bullets which change their dirrection for no actual reason. There's no actual way one can estimate where bllets will be while also dodging other stuff - you just see one row eith something that appears to be a safe spot, you go there and then suddenly one of the bullets changes it's path. That's what I meant when I talked about a functional pallette. I would be something completely different if the bullets had another color at least. Same for the homing attacks, even though I haven't seen any in the last version.

2. I feel fat. I don't know if it's the hitbox or something but in the pre-alpha when something shoot a bunch of bullets onto my figure I could just move a little and and stay inside of that attack. I can't really do that anymore.

3. The arms may be an interesting addition but the implementation... just watch it yourself... this last level before the final boss doesn't seem like it's possible.

That's everything I got to say for now.

Thanks for the feedback on this build :)

1. Changing bullet directions were added to mix it up a bit, and catch the occasional player off-guard. However, I will reduce the wind-up time before changing so that it becomes apparent when you see it for the first time. In v0.2, different bullet patterns will have different colors, so you can differentiate between them (colors are randomly picked from a set of hues based on level style). Homing attacks have been toned down, so they no longer chase the player down like dogs :) they still exist though!

2. Due to popular opinion, I decreased the normal movement speed by a bit and increased the slowed-down speed by a little. I'm not sure if it's the right choice, but we'll see how others fare with it :)

3. Ah yes, the arms! It is still a buggy feature, and I regretted putting it out there before fixing it. I think I might release v0.2 today, to temporarily fix the arm problem. However, v0.2 has some difficulty issues (it is much more subdued, and easy, but has some interesting patterns).

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What's actually about making a predefined Style for everything and let the game read it from a human-readable XML or CSS file somewhere in the game's files so everyone can change and share the styles?

What do you mean?

I mean that it would come in handy to have an editable file which specifies the color or the apperance in general.

For example an XML source could look like this:

<bullet type="normal" color="#ffffff">

Or if it's something CSS-like:

    {color: #ffffff;}
     {border-color: #0000ff;}

Or maybe just any new syntax, it's just that anyone who knows a very little about HTML will be able to understand that immediately.

I'm not too sure if this would gel well with procedural generation - the generated colors give the bullets a certain uniqueness compared to when they use similar colors. Thanks for the idea though - might use it for player colors instead :)

What do you mean by "player colors"? Maybe the game could generate a theme automatically and one has the option to overwrite it, so the theme is not fixed yet still customizeable?

Hmm... that's actually a very useful idea! Especially for people with color blindness, or have a hard time dealing with colors. I'll try to implement it into v0.2 or v0.3 as soon as possible.

"I'll try to implement it into v0.2 or v0.3 as soon as possible." - I really appreciate the fact that you like my ideas but please don't rush yourself, don't get it wrong, but just look at what happened to the arms. Just take the time you need and release something when you're sure it's ready or with the specific purpose of playtesting rather than rushing to fix something new that confuses players.

I know that making a theme setting is something with way less bug-potential than a new game mechanic but it's just something general I wanted to get rid off my chest. I am, and I assume most people who play bullet hell games, a patient person, since getting inpatient is the actual ticket to hell, and I (we) don't mind if the new update comes in a week or in 3 months. Not because I have plenty of other games I could play in the meantime.

Of course, if there's anyone here who does mind if it's getting delayed, just tell me and I'll take the "wii" back. It's just my feeling how BH-players are.

How do you plan to implement it? I mean what do you think the syntax will be like?

Haha, oops, might have gotten a bit too excited for the game :) this is my first time working on a long term project like this, so thanks for the reminder!

I'm thinking that the syntax may put people off, so a GUI in the settings menu could be used as an interface for color customization.

Well hmm... I'm not sure about this, I mean, usually when a game lets me change colors I... don't like how the interface becomes, though I'm not certain why. Maybe you can do both? Just output the settings to a plain text file so you can share or edit it if you want to. Also would it be possible to use custom sounds?

BTW, I forgot to ask, is it normal that the settings menu doesn't have anything yet?

Haha, I'm not too sure myself - got to sit down and think about it for a while (:

I don't think custom sounds will be in the game, sorry!

The settings menu is supposed to be empty for now. Guess I should have removed it after checking how it looks like! Settings will come after I come up with a better menu system. 

Would you actually mind giving me your E-Mail? I'd like to tell you something, just not here.

akirassasindev, gmail :)

Oh, yeah, why didn't I think of that earlier?

Actually, now that I've seen the arms system, I honestly think that the way of implementation (I don't mean that it's buggy) but in general, I think that they should neither follow player's movements nor move on their own (this doesn't include the case if the boss itself moves).

The arms don't follow the player anymore, nor do they extend (they now have a fixed length). In the future (maybe the next small patch?) I'm thinking of resetting angles and length every time the attack is finished.

This way, the boss can execute more special moves while preventing the spawners from going to impossible places.

I DID IT! I'm actually not sure if that would be technically possible if there wouldn't be the shield.