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What do you mean by "player colors"? Maybe the game could generate a theme automatically and one has the option to overwrite it, so the theme is not fixed yet still customizeable?

Hmm... that's actually a very useful idea! Especially for people with color blindness, or have a hard time dealing with colors. I'll try to implement it into v0.2 or v0.3 as soon as possible.

"I'll try to implement it into v0.2 or v0.3 as soon as possible." - I really appreciate the fact that you like my ideas but please don't rush yourself, don't get it wrong, but just look at what happened to the arms. Just take the time you need and release something when you're sure it's ready or with the specific purpose of playtesting rather than rushing to fix something new that confuses players.

I know that making a theme setting is something with way less bug-potential than a new game mechanic but it's just something general I wanted to get rid off my chest. I am, and I assume most people who play bullet hell games, a patient person, since getting inpatient is the actual ticket to hell, and I (we) don't mind if the new update comes in a week or in 3 months. Not because I have plenty of other games I could play in the meantime.

Of course, if there's anyone here who does mind if it's getting delayed, just tell me and I'll take the "wii" back. It's just my feeling how BH-players are.

How do you plan to implement it? I mean what do you think the syntax will be like?

Haha, oops, might have gotten a bit too excited for the game :) this is my first time working on a long term project like this, so thanks for the reminder!

I'm thinking that the syntax may put people off, so a GUI in the settings menu could be used as an interface for color customization.

Well hmm... I'm not sure about this, I mean, usually when a game lets me change colors I... don't like how the interface becomes, though I'm not certain why. Maybe you can do both? Just output the settings to a plain text file so you can share or edit it if you want to. Also would it be possible to use custom sounds?

BTW, I forgot to ask, is it normal that the settings menu doesn't have anything yet?

Haha, I'm not too sure myself - got to sit down and think about it for a while (:

I don't think custom sounds will be in the game, sorry!

The settings menu is supposed to be empty for now. Guess I should have removed it after checking how it looks like! Settings will come after I come up with a better menu system. 

Ok, I know what's my problem: every time i saw some customization settings they either weren't useful at all or you could adjust stuff you wouldn't even know about it existing otherwise. Or both.

My actual imagination of perfect implementation would be that there's a GUI with only basic stuff and maybe some presets you can chose from, on the other hand you can customize everything by file editing, even stuff like sounds (pls) and (intensity of the) screen shake.

I actually prefer full-GUI settings compared to file editing because it is easier to manipulate and understand for common players. There is also no worries that the player might mess up the format. 

Is there a problem with the sound?

Well, I get what you mean, but how can you possibly mess up the format of a plain text file?

There's no problem with the sound, I'd just like it to be customieable as well so one can suport the feelings hat come up with a palette.

Extra spaces and certain invisible text that could accidentally be added could corrupt the data :)

Customizable sounds aren't quite high priority - probably only after customizable colors!