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Wizard's Apprentice - RPG, Farm Sim, Metroidvania - NPCs & Quest System

A topic by frozenelk created 29 days ago Views: 135 Replies: 8
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Hey guy, I've been making devlogs for the past month of a game I've been working on. I'll post them all here in due time, but I'll space the old ones out. I usually do one a week. I plan to have a demo up on very soon. Any feedback is welcome:.

Here is a brief overview of my game:


I took a look at your channel, you just gained a new sub!

I saw that you use GMS2, I do the same it's a great engine.

Also, a custom cursor is really easy to add and it makes a tremendous difference in the overall look, the  game  already looks great!!

thanks so much! Good point, I'll take a look into how to change the cursor


It looks fun, keep up!

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Hey guys, this is one of my older devlogs. it goes over the combat in my game. I want to have a turn-based system, inspired by Pokémon and Final Fantasy

These next videos are about a problem with trees that I was having that was driving me crazy. Luckily I was able to come up with some form of a solution

In this video I go over how I design and create the levels in my game

NPCs & Quest System


Saving and Loading