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Thank you for playing, i'll make that use think work! :)

1. Go to options and press apply, then try again.
2. Your pc might be missing some visual c++ redistributable package files.
3. make sure you have directx updated or installed.

If you see people can play this is because they have these packages installed, because usually other games installers have them, but with this its only a zip file and doesnt have the nessesary files in package.

Don't advertise your game on other games pages!

Thank you for playing!

A very well made and amazing gameplay, made me laugh. 
Will be adding more amazing moments like these to the game, they are so good to watch.

Your gameplay video is a masterpiece!

I hope we can fix the inventory issue that happened! 
I hope you take a chance to play this again in the next update!

Really had fun watching you play!

Very good ideas! I dont know why i disabled spiders for v2.6.5 :D

Thank you for playing!

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Thank you for playing, the doors having problems and bugs you experienced were happening because of very low fps.
Minimum system requirements to play this well are 2gb of vram, 8gb of ram and the loadings screens are instant with an ssd.

Thank you!

Thank you for leaving a comment, unfortunately single dev

if you have any more issues, make sure to let me know.

Karantiin offers 1h of gameplay, how can you be stuck on the dirst level like that? Walk to the last door to go to next level.

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go to options and press apply, this should fix the crash issue. It does that because its missing options file. With the apply it creates it. Also make sure you have all the nessesary direct x  and visual files to run any unity applications. And make sures you dont run the game from zip/rar file, make sure to unzip it first and allow the game to create save files inside the folder.

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Thank you for the amazing feedback, there is one more thing you can try. The wavemode in the gamemodes tab. Overall I loved your  gameplay video! And thank you for leaving a rating!

Thank you for giving it a try!

Thank you for the gameplay! I only wished you play till the end ;)

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Join the discord. I can help you there.

I havent put a lot of thought to that so far, it all depends.

Thank you!

What happened to your game on

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So far you are the second person asking this, but answer is it can be done. But if someone helps to test this is even better, because i don't have a access to linux.

Thank you for the love!

Overall i see that it ran without any issues, only issue is pc performance, overall it ran fine from start to end and that's cool! I can say this program you have for linux works really well.

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Yes, thank you! The ashtray bug is a funny bug. I didn't even realise i had it until the first 2.0 video came out. That's why im so thankful for all you youtubers out there.
You guys may not know, but when i watch all the gameplays, most youtubers actually help me to fix bugs and improve the gameplay. Its just the way of finding them. :D

Thank you for that amazing gameplay!

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All the feedback is greatly appreciated! And thank you for this amazing gameplay!

Thank you for playing that game to the end! The openworld is still a wip so that's why i just left it to the end :D

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I have optimized this game very very much :( 

It the main focus i have to run the game at 100+ fps

If your pc is dying, its because this game needs at least 8gb ram and 2gb video memory to run at 60fps.

I run it at 16gb ram and 4gb videocard and i get 180fps  on 240hz monitor.

I hope you get to test it on better pc :(

If you can run the game on 60fps and the main problem is overheating, turn on vertical sync and disable ambietement occulusion.

I do the same hehe, that's why bunny hoping will never get removed ;)

Thank you for the kind words! More updates will come!

Knowing that you like the game offers a lot of joy!

Thank you for playing, can't wait for more parts!

I fully understand what you mean, don't worry, when the true foundation is ready the horror ambience starts!

Killing floor is very different, but thank you for playing, also i asked a little question on youtube

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for the amazing gameplay!

Thank you for the gameplay!