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The downloads are currently turned off until version 3.0

Thank you!

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well you can join the discord, then you'd be the first to know when i upload it.

Currently the alpha 2 testing is done, i removed the link because people started to rate the game based on old versions.

Yes, the discord is in the description.

It's cool. I am always willing to give any information i can provide.
2) I have few ideas that are in my mind to make this free to play. I do have a steam page for it, but I have not activated it.
3) If I decide to make this game free then no, if I decide a price then yes.
4) I have played a ton of games, so from every good game there will be some elements from that I like. Overall I am designing a game that I would like to play. And you are right I really do love Stalker GAMMA.
5) At the current state this game is kind of playable even for intel HD card's, but that will change because how many newer components my main core pc has, so it will be harder to test it. I will only be able to see how it runs on other people pc's while they record the gameplay. But reality is that in order to make this game at the next update to be considered playable you will need a beefier PC because developing this on a potato was easy. I knew that when my potato could run this a lot people could. But now I have RTX and testing will be a lot harder.
But remember the fact that a gameplay itself needs the CPU for scripts and stuff, the GPU is mainly for graphics.
6) Yes, for steam these things are mandatory, so I will actually test this game of different PCs myself to find the middle point. I will simply put the game on a USB and transfer it around with me.
7) It is a hard question to answer and it is the main question people ask me. So it kind of tells me that people are looking for some more and its awesome. But overall life itself is what keeps stopping the progress, as developing a game is hard task mentally and physically. So I usually develop this when I want to, otherwise it can mentally drain me.

I also do love FPS, mainly single player ones, because of HAX around the online community.
I will make a new one whenever the new version is released. I also think it will be needed.
Thank you.

That's a good question, yes there will be a new download for the next update and for free ofc.
I don't think it will ever be finished the way some other games can be finished, as this is a huge project for me I think I will just keep adding content as time goes on. Any other game I would have made would have a finish date, but for a fps (favorite genre) there would not.

Currently the alpha 2 testing is done. Alpha 3 will be with updated content, i allowed downloads just to get people help me to hunt for bugs so i don't have to search them myself, it was a major success because i watched a lot of them. Overall what happened is that people started to rate the game, which is not ideal for a alpha game that was updated frequently. Well you could wait for alpha 3, and a video on youtube would get your attention when its done and free to download again.

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It once did, but a lot of people had problems with this so I turned it off for alpha.
Also it doesn't make it better that I don't have a decent controller myself and not much of a controller person.

Amazing stealth sir!

Thank you for playing it twice!

Thank you for playing!

I will make it even better, thank you!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you for playing!

Yes, this can happen if enemies push you out of the borders, it's kind of a problem with unity itself. I will write this bug down and try to find a solution to this. The most easiest would be just to spawn the player back in the scene when falling out of the map.

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"I had spiders randomly spawn on me in the bunker that ended up killing me but I think it was part of the game? Either way, it kept me on my toes for other random spawns."
- Oh yes, the random spawns is one of my creation to make every playthru a little different, it's also cool as a developer to not know what happens all the time, like the spiders that scared you, when you died they didn't spawn anymore but act as a random encounter, they do it literally so randomly that it makes it fun to watch. :D

I do have some plans for the future but it wouldn't be coop, more like multiplayer.

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Just wanted to tell you guys that i got my hands on a RTX 4060 ti, thats a 120% upgrade from GTX 970. You will see some immersive graphical improvements :)

Also i cannot say that gtx 970 is bad, not at all, the card performed very well the whole developing cycle, but i can tell you that developing with 4060ti will make it even more fun because my pc wont slow down when developing.

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I think I can make it better :D

But for the weapons part, i like the idea of not being restricted to the guns, i want every weapon to feel powerful, but a csgo, metro, stalker, resident evil skillset to it, where your weapons have a feel of a reality on them, like the shotgun spread, as someone who has experienced some level of military school in my life. I can tell you shotgun pellets dont spread open like in some older games. Melee i made better already ofc. :D

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relax. the dude was cloned, I think he was having a panic attack that caused him to swear too much.
The honest answer is that when i developed this system, i just randomly typed some stuff there and i needed that to be done fast 
I will change it don't worry :D

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Sorry that you had issues with it, still a wrok in progress. In the level where the mobs randomly spawned, it is so called the horror feature that is still work in progress.

It kind of makes every playthro different as it has a chance to spawn different things, i never thought people would  think it is a glitch.
I can tell you are a experienced player as you wanted to get more immerson, but in the there are a lot of people who don't understand how to do anything so i had to keep it simple. The game will get more interesting after openworld and more characters to play on. Cuss words are reduced a lot in 2.8

At the moment it is a foundation not a full release, because there are a lot more to be added, it would be a lot more difficult to edit the full release with addons.

Good that you noticed :D


Thank you!

I belive the first video is not this game, i belive its called see no fear. This is Karantiin.

You will be alright!

melee will be a lot better in 2.8 and the enemy tracking also :)

Can you describe the issues?

Very fun to watch!

Thank you, i recieved your email!

Thank you for enjoying it!

I am creating a better open world for it ;)

I hope to create more and more heart attacks! :)

What a great gameplay!

Amazing gameplay!

Thank you for playing!

Thank you, the stats bug you experienced is fixed in 2.7 ;)

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Shooting Range, share me your scores!

You are pretty good!