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Create your own 3D models and 2D sprites! · By Kenney

Space Ships

A topic by John Koolen created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 1,742 Replies: 4
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Trying to make some spaceships for  shmup game. First two are player ships and the third one is an enemy. Not an artist by any means, so feedback is greatly appreciated!


I'm liking the style :-)

This software is fantastic!!!!

I'm not a modeler by any means, but the biggest tip that i can give is that any block can be used for anything you like. I know it sounds obvious, but try to look at the shapes of the blocks and not what their intended use is.

For example, i use the cockpits, rotated quite a lot to smooth off the body shape at the rear of the cockpit.

Have a look at this lot that i've been playing around with, might give you a few ideas :-)

No bonus blocks were used, as i don't have them.

I have made extensive use of the blocks pack called 'Untracked'. I can't tell you how much that pack has helped me out.

I've also added space stations and ground vehicles that i've been working on, just in case they give you inspiration.

BTW.....I had to convert all of my screenshots from jpg to png, as this forum isn't allowing me to upload jpg's for some reason. That's why they look a bit ropey, sorry....

Some small pod like starter ships.....

Some light fighters.....

Authorities Space Fighter.....

Asteroid Bases/Space Stations.....(WIP)

Space Station_Colony

Asteroid Base_Colony

Asteroid Base_Military

Ground Vehicles.....

Line of space buggies built from a base model.





Let me know what you think.

If anyone is interested in the files for any of these just let me know.

Cheers :-)

Your creations are fantastic and inspiring!!! Thank you for sharing!


Looks good! I haven't tried out any of the custom blocks packs yet. I'll definatley have to give those a try.

Wow these are really good - I love the asteroid bases.