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Great song - has a really cool retro vibe.

Wonderful progression and rich texture.

Such a great game. Very original and beautifully crafted.

What a blast - this game has so many biomes, varied enemies, power ups and weapon types. It is insanely fun, strategic and I really enjoy exploring, mining and surviving on a totally alien world. The music is very atmospheric and the SFX are top notch. The artwork is brilliant and stays true to the original EOL. Great work so far with this one.

Such a great game. It's not just a golf game but an enjoyable experience that makes you think whilst testing your timing skills.

Such a great game - intense tactical action combat, vast world, really cool monster variations, lots of loot, really handy power ups, wicked soundtrack and plenty of surprises. Great sequel guys - well done.

Very nice - she looks great. The music is perfect.

Great work - its absolutely fabulous so far :)

Looks great so far. Day 1 download from me

Absolutely epic little action adventure. I love the proximity combat as it makes for some really good strategy battles. The game world is immense and I found that if you check out all the nooks and crannies you are duly rewarded with excellent rewards. I think it’s brilliant how one minute you can be dungeon crawling fighting all types of monsters and the next your out on the open seas battling sea monsters. I found the level progression to be extremely well balanced and quite rewarding. Overall this is a really nice indie surprise in a world swamped with games and not enough time to try them all.

Absolutely loving this game at the moment. The gameplay is captivating and has me inventing or realising new strategies daily.

This is great work.

Wow this is really fun and totally unique! Gameplay is ultra responsive and I love the fact you can catch and then fuse the monsters togeather.  It's not an easy game which makes it all the more exciting as you start progressing!

Really fun. Gotta love any game with a grappling hook mechanic and Hell of Ants nails that. I like how responsive it is. I also like using the Molotov on the Ants and how they go all brown when they are burnt (I think I may have some hidden issues). Overall I think Hell of Ants accomplished what it  was designed for. Great job, great fun, great game! 

Looks great, I honestly cant believe you guys can whip a game togeather so quick. It takes me forever to make one :)

Wow these are really good - I love the asteroid bases.