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A topic by moneymaker01 created Jul 21, 2017 Views: 915 Replies: 7
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I don't have a credit card and my parents are scared to enter their information online, therefore I would like to know how long this game would continue to be free to play or if having the demo would enable you to get the full game for free


There will be at least 1 more free build. After which you'll need to get it on Steam. If you really can't find any other payment options then, email us and we'll see what we can do.

How much will it cost? I will try to win a steam gift card giveaway or something.

Really? It will be Steam-only? Why Steam? Why not sticking with or using GOG?

I mean i'm on because i very strongly dislike Steam and i won't buy anything over them.


It'll be on Steam for a bit during EA. If we have the resources to maintain a presents on all platforms, then we'll try to do that. All comes down to if we have the man power to maintain all the different builds for every platform.

If your parents aren't comfortable putting their information online, you can purchase Steam gift cards from places like Game Stop, Walgreens, Rite Aid, Walmart, and more.

None of those places are in my country (to my knowledge) I live in Trinidad

Not sure what options are near you, but check out any sort of convenience stores, drug stores/pharmacies, grocery stores - anything that sells any sort of gift cards. If you can't find Steam gift cards specifically, but have a way to get any sort of prepaid gift card that can be used online, those could work too. Not all prepaid cards can be used online though, so mind that.

Do your parents trust places like Amazon? Not sure if Amazon is in Trinidad, but if so, and if they'll trust Amazon, you can get Steam gift cards from there too I believe.

Hopefully you'll have a local store that sells gift cards. Best of luck with this!