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Post your cities!

A topic by Kaian-a-coel created Jul 20, 2017 Views: 360 Replies: 8
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I'm surprised this hasn't been made already. It might be because piecing screenshots together necessitate some work, but I think it's worth it.

Basically, this is the thread where you post screenshots of the cities and settlements that make you proud! And the stories that go with them if you so desire.

I'll open the ball with my own:

- Coinhammerer City, 1313 inhabitants, 100 soldiers ( 40 militia, 60 skirmishers).  A prosperous coastal settlement, Coinhammerer City enjoys a long period of peace and prosperity after the 100-strong warband cleaned up all the maskling camps within twenty chunks of its walls. Before that expedition, the masklings attacked relentlessly from three directions. The twice-reinforced wall sections are monuments to that troubled period. Unfortunately, the city doesn't have access to copper, and thus remains relatively low tech. I could have made a mining outpost, but the game was already running at 800ms per tick so I more or less abandoned the world. I wanted to put statues everywhere but no copper... Stone statues when?

- Scalechopper Harbor, 672 inhabitants, 110 soldiers (10 scouting militias, 2x 20 spearmen/30 archers battalions). Nestled in a nicely isolated peninsula, Scalechopper Harbor is much more ressource-rich than Coinhammerer City, with access to vast forests and rich copper veins. The latter allow it to field a very strong military, which utterly stomped every maskling camp that could remotely threaten the settlement. I consider this settlement pretty much done, although the asymmetrical farm placement annoys me slightly. Very satisfied with how it looks otherwise.

And one from a friend:

- Wallchopper Camp. Since I didn't make that one I don't know much about it, except that my friend didn't quite understand mines yet. I find the different building methods to be interesting nonetheless.

And now it's your turn! Let's see some great cities in this thread!


Great cities mate!

Here's some pictures of mine. Could be cool to have an option in game for exporting city images, as stitching these together was a real pain in the but.

The first is Scalestander Port, in Stat the land of Standing. I wanted to make a base city design that could be expanded on, adding districts for millitary and trade, or whatever else, with this providing enough food and manpower. I like how it has turned out, there is a small outpost to the north for copper, but the game has slowed to a crawl, 1500-2000ms turn times. I've build much larger without the slowdown, so I'm not sure why it's so extreme here. Either way, I can't wait for the upcoming changes and hopefully the optimization to build out further. Population is 618, with 40 skirmishers and 7 settlers starting the copper outpost.

I have this other world with thousands of people across several interconnected cities and settlements. It's my first long game and served as a learning experience. Funnily enough, Stat has a total population less than half that of just the capital of Neere, yet Neere runs twice as fast.

Woah, that's an impressive set of settlements there. Pretty much a state or kingdom. And yeah, I've had inconsistencies on turn length. An aborted attempt got to 700+ms turns with less than 200 inhabitants. I have no idea why. I'd be curious to see the food situation in your main world, my bigger city is at a perpetual 600+ deficit, and you seem to have much less bakeries. Do you somehow manage to get your dudes to work efficiently or do you just don't care about food (since there does not seem to be any kind of penalty at the moment)?

Thanks. I love the arc of this game, going from a village to a city-state to a kingdom, and then eventually to an empire. Epic. I can't wait until we see rivals.

I run large surpluses of wheat and my food need stays low. I tried running surpluses on food, but they just won't do it. Just up the surplus value relatively slowly, they will overproduce like hell if you aren't careful. My 1600 pop capital has a food need of 89 with a wheat surplus of 2000. I don't know how many bakeries you really need, but it seems to make a large difference how you place them relative to your farms and storehouses. I'm still playing with layouts though.

I really like the new screenshot feature. It does a great job, I particularly like the map it produces. Thought I'd show off my latest kingdom. Turn time is around 400-500ms. My cities are much smaller than they have been, since the efficiency changes.

This is Wated, the Land of Standing.

Grasshammerer Village. The first city and still a major exporter of copper and limestone. There is also a forest to the north for lumber.Sandfarmer Village. Trade center, imports limestone, copper, and lumber from the south, exports limestone and wood to the west, and imports copper from the west.

Wheathammerer Camp. Mountain fortress west of Sandfarmer Village. Exports copper.


Those are some nice looking towns.

So I know this isn't necessarily the correct topic for this thread, but how do you grow out your cities? Every time I'll get to a certain number of citizens, no more than fifty, and then just be unable to get any more of them. I have no clue how you guys are making cities this big

Build more houses. Migrants arrive when homelessness is %0.


You need 0 homeless and a wealth per capita of more than 5 (though it can round down so you can see 5 and it's really 5.4). So build more houses and more buildings in general.