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NEW: Drew Smoke's Shooting Gallery

A topic by DrewSmoke created Jul 19, 2017 Views: 129 Replies: 3
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Hello! My name is Drew and i'd like to present to you a destruction based shooting gallery.  I bounced around a lot of things I wanted to see in todays AAA games and a fully destructible environment was the first thing that stood out to me.  You no longer have to suspend disbelief when your bullets hit a part of the environment, near EVERYTHING CAN BE DESTROYED.

Well don't let me spoil it,

see for yourself!

oh and, mind the ghost that occasionally haunts the rooms. I seriously tried to remove him, he simply refused to go.

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Here's the link to the page =)

Lemme know your thoughts below!

I've been playtesting quite a bit. Even though I crafted the entire project myself and I know what to expect, I still find it entertaining af to unleash a flurry of bullets on the watermelons. xD

Also personally I found the game still runs smooth regardless of how much of the environment was crumbled and spread throughout the map. I did program it in a way to conserve polygons with performance being the whole idea behind it and it seemed to work out.  

There is also a strange bug i'm still working on removing before I continue with any major updates. Upon shooting certain objects I had noticed it would take an extra bullet to break it apart, however when it did so, a sound would play as if one of the plates in the gallery smashed/fell. Now the end result it also strange. Sometime's nothing happens after the sound, other times its very noticeable that several objects/targets are missing. Nothing that affects the game though so I haven't been overly concerned.  In the end I called this bug "The ghost" and have been working on getting him out since mid alpha.

Imma go "Test"  some more watermelons now


-DSS Gallery Dev

I was aiming for the plate...