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After almost a year of zero downloads and moderate advertising, i've just decided to let it go for free instead of dissapearing forever. If you get a chance to play and enjoyed it, leave a comment below!

I was aiming for the plate...

I've been playtesting quite a bit. Even though I crafted the entire project myself and I know what to expect, I still find it entertaining af to unleash a flurry of bullets on the watermelons. xD

Also personally I found the game still runs smooth regardless of how much of the environment was crumbled and spread throughout the map. I did program it in a way to conserve polygons with performance being the whole idea behind it and it seemed to work out.  

There is also a strange bug i'm still working on removing before I continue with any major updates. Upon shooting certain objects I had noticed it would take an extra bullet to break it apart, however when it did so, a sound would play as if one of the plates in the gallery smashed/fell. Now the end result it also strange. Sometime's nothing happens after the sound, other times its very noticeable that several objects/targets are missing. Nothing that affects the game though so I haven't been overly concerned.  In the end I called this bug "The ghost" and have been working on getting him out since mid alpha.

Imma go "Test"  some more watermelons now


-DSS Gallery Dev

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Here's the link to the page =)

Lemme know your thoughts below!

Hello! My name is Drew and i'd like to present to you a destruction based shooting gallery.  I bounced around a lot of things I wanted to see in todays AAA games and a fully destructible environment was the first thing that stood out to me.  You no longer have to suspend disbelief when your bullets hit a part of the environment, near EVERYTHING CAN BE DESTROYED.

Well don't let me spoil it,

see for yourself!

oh and, mind the ghost that occasionally haunts the rooms. I seriously tried to remove him, he simply refused to go.

This was such a blast! From the moment I slung my first crate across the room I was hooked. The enemy firing patterns were fun to dodge and even more so when there was multiple and the player essentially has to dance like they've never danced before. I'm stoked to see more! 


I had an absolute blast playing this game. I only made it through a few levels but WOW it's seriously addictive and I couldn't really find any flaws in the game mechanics itself. Flying the plane felt fluid and each level became increasingly more challenging and enjoyable as the story went on. Thank you for making such a well rounded blast of a  game! =D

LOVED IT! 10/10

I grew up with similar top down shooters and this really brought the nostalgia! The gameplay mechanics are smooth and create a realistic atmosphere for me as a player. Quick, un-rational actions are dealt with harshly and can easily get one killed by rushing in or not checking corners. Personally my favorite aspect was the randomly generated sprites forcing the player to continually be alert and cautious at all times. I'm really looking forward to the next update/more levels!

I had fun, really looking forward to an update! =)