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Make and teach robots to automate the world! · By Denki

i wanna ride the scooter but how

A topic by lolshade created Jul 19, 2017 Views: 3,458 Replies: 22
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what is it used for because i've tried to use it on the basic robots and folk n nothing happens

and also the totems use?


Totems are just a decoration I believe

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You put the scooter in your inventory press I, wonce you see the inventory screen jut place it in one of the bottom slots.

As for Totem Idk sry


to use the scooter you pick it up, then press the , button and that puts you on it. then you click where u want to go and it moves you faster. Enjoy :)

what is "the button"

the topic is longer than his post, i already wrote the button (Q to put held items in your inventorry and I to open the inventory if you want exccess.) items in your inventory , the lower part are stored inside. heads and the roller will auto equip.

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symbols in a text like a comma needs to be supportet like "," so they can't be overlooked and a bold comma is not really seeable, specially in the internet where multible people with other base languages are need to read and in their native languge a comma will just be a "seperator" or else - so they get ignored in that text.


its the comma button that's why I put ,

Sorry I thought u would understand

As a little hint "," = InventoryUp - without changing the buttons. ;)


@W0lfPakNati0n1049 "press the button" is a realy helpfull information because you meke totally clear which one, there are just over 100 in most cases.

As said before from SoreEarth the Scooter just needs to be in your Inventory all held items can quickly put in there by pressing Q as long as you have space left.


They said which button - the comma. Or <.


i thought he would understand, u don't need to be an asshole about it


it's funny be called being a asshole, as a buddhist you make me realy gringe about that. while i just point it out that in that text was totally unclear what buttons are meaned and you feel to be attecked by such neutral words, but hey writing about facts everbody can see makes me an asshole, ok. 

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1.It's not being an asshole for helping someone. It's being an asshole for pointing out his mistake 3 times. If you point out their mistake once, as long as you don't make it sound like "You should have done this and not this", but once you point it out two or more times then it starts to make you look like an asshole, even if you aren't. If he had not responded to your comment, it would have been okay to say it again, just to make sure that he saw. But you said it 3 times, which is more than enough and starts to make you look rude, and to make it worse he acknowledged that you had said that in your first comment AND he apologised!                                                                           His words:

"its the comma button that's why I put ,

Sorry I thought u would understand"

2. Just because someone is Buddhist does not mean that there is a 0% chance of them being an asshole. Your religion doesn't guarantee you not to be an asshole. I bet there are at least some Buddhists who are assholes. I'm not discriminating, because I, as a Christian, know that there are at least some Christians who are assholes.

3. "   "press the , button" is really helpful information because you make it totally clear which one, there are just over 100 in most cases." This sarcasm doesn't really help your 'friendly advice' argument. (BTW I fixed your spelling and grammar mistakes and made your citation more accurate)

4. Not everybody can see this 'fact' (More advice than a fact). If everybody could, he would have put the ' ' around the comma.

5. Those are not neutral words. Because I am nice, I will change what you said so they would be 'neutral words': 

Just some advice: 'Press the , button' isn't really helpful, because some people might interpret the ',' as a break in the sentence, and not 'the ',' key'. Try to put quotation marks around the comma like this, "," , so that people understand that you meant the comma key.

You don't get it, you respond days later and you ignore the time between our conversation but hey now you got your 3 times by ignoring time and only looking at the postorder. Greatwork - And yes this will sound like an A-Hole and this time im fine with it. 
And thanks for correcting my grammar, so i can learn from it because english is not my primary language.

And as a note: buddhism is not in any way or meaning a religion.


Geez, things got serious while also being funny as hell. Everyone either needs to chill out.. or you guys need to go even more hard core. It would be funny to continue to watch the ESL fight with children about grammar, give them communication tips and teach them about Buddhism, all in very broken English. Nothing against ESL, or children, but you have to see the irony in this. LMAFO

You find it serious? I can't because i don't care about his litte rage, this anymore. I got to much work to do and a business to run. So I only can lought at that unnecceseriness of triggering - and just ignore the rest to keep the trolls out. And ofcurse MasonatorRoblox in't totally wrong but needs to look better onto the timestaps. 

W0lfPakNati0n1049 is to only one the clever one by not responding and chill. :)

lol wut?


Counterargument: u suk


did you count