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Bugs, Time Stop, Item Duplication

A topic by Yvnar created Jul 19, 2017 Views: 1,127 Replies: 4
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I found some bugs

Time Stop: Dying while you have a dialogue box on screen, makes the time stop at 07:01

Item Duplication: it's possible to open the storage box while in the middle of the axe swing, causes the stored item and the box go to your inventory while the storage box still opened with the item in it.

Wow, nice finds.

Just as game breaking bug (not really) I'm experiencing: either when I completed the bridge or else went into month 2, Arlo would no longer accept gifts from me. The option simply wasn't there. (What a jerk.)


Thanks for reporting the bugs, we'll try to fix them for the next build.

When will the next build probably be up?


At the end of this month.