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Does this have ä ü ö Ä Ü Ö ?

Why isn't this available anymore?

I love this. Would be nice to set higher bills, or lower career payments. Something to make it challenging.

I could even imagine a mod that sets new realistic prices for the build/buy objects. 50 Simoleons for a toiletroll holder, 70 Simoleons for a tree or a window? huh?

You can resize all of the POP! resources to work with MV, you know. Just use the VX Ace files and resize them by 150% in Gimp (free program), set Interpolation to "None" and save as .png file. No quality loss.

Thanks so much for this link! Got me to check out your channel.

When will the next build probably be up?

Or how about specific crops that could be used in the workshop? Like Cotton or Flax or Rapeseed (for oil)?

I love farming and I hope, you implement it. Would be nice to combine it with the workshop, like crafting stuff that makes it easier to manage your farming. Love the idea of an irrigation system. In other farming games, you also often have helpers that help you water and harvest crops. The most time-consuming is watering, followed by harvesting and planting.

Maybe you can hire an assisstant that does the work for you? You could have a menu sheet with a simplified overview of your farm area and give that assisstant tasks to do for the day?

But a irrigation system could be enough to cut down routine time.