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Unlimited Arrows (bug) over-stock inventory glitch

A topic by noahphense created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 132 Replies: 2
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Not sure how I did it, but I will try to reproduce.  Shows I have 87 arrows.  They don't go down when I shoot, and if I shoot the ground and pick them up, my arrow count goes up (in bow box - bottom left).  I will start another game to figure it out, as my main game always has unlimited arrows now, and there are no arrows in my inventory.  :)

I think I remember the steps that might have produced this bug.  I will update this post with findings.


** EDIT **

Ok, figured it out.  I utilized the "over-fill inventory glitch" ;) ..

Putting the steps here:

- start game
- get all the wood, stone and metal you need for the following:
a. metal axe
b. metal pic axe
(these are probably not needed, but for the sake of reproducing the glitch, do it)
- I made the two tables.
- made 80 arrows
- made over 40 bows, probably about 47, to make sure I was well past the 40 count inventory slots
- save game when you have the 45+ bows and 80+ arrows
- load back the game
- don't wield the bow, wield the axe
- create a flag and set spawn location, so you have enough time to grab you backpack after you die ..
- go get eaten by a lion ;)
- respawn to "custom" (your flag)
- go grab the sh!t from your backpack
(should be a several bows, and a couple tools)
- viola
- wield a bow
(arrow count will not go down, in fact, you can make it go up by shoot into the ground and picking them up)

Hope this helps to find the problem.  As I do not think it is reversible.  Meaning you will have unlimited arrows forever.  I will go back now, and test with my primary "save" and see if I can make it go back to normal.  I don't think it will work, as I have already killed myself, destroyed all bows and killed myself, but whenever I go to make a new bow, yup, there's my 80+ arrows.  Oh, and the arrows do not show in your Misc inventory.



Extremely helpful! Thanks alot Noah I appreciate it!

I'll be adding that to the list.


I figured a lot of people would encounter this, as I'm sure people are stocking up on bows to sell to the trader.  Wonder if it works with gun/bullets.. would take too long to overload the 40 slots with the same gun.  But if it worked, then you would have a gun, with unlimited ammo.

Lock and load!