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​Set 2 (bugs/ideas/questions)

A topic by noahphense created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 106 Replies: 2
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Set 2 (bugs/ideas/questions)
For developer(s), as requested.

* (bug, collision) when you break the base material, the scrap falls through a stone foundation, I can see it falling through, if it was a stock foundation

* (idea) if you destroy a storage unit that has contents, allow items to drop to the floor (shrug)

* (bug, blueprints) had to learn the window fence more than once

* seems that sometimes when I load up, that my flag has forgotten that it is a spawn point..?  and I have to set that check-box again.  I will keep testing this.  I might just be that the spawn 'property' gets removed when you move the flag..

* (bug, stairs metal) I build a lot in the main flat lands (any of the area surrounding the tiny bridge/pond zone) and most of the time I cannot use the "stairs metal" to get into my house.  I have to jump onto them.  Collision(?)

* (bug, inventory) allows me to pick fruit when Consumable inventory is full -- although you cannot see the items past the 40 count, it is being added to the 40 count (see below)

* (bug, inventory) [found this out 5 minutes after I wrote the above] 40 slots .. ok so my 40 slots were full for consumables, I was going to make a bug report that I was still able to pick the fruit from a tree, while my 40 slots were full, but it let me.. i was like ok, they just go no where.  BUT, then I was cooking some meat back on the ranch ;) it cooked 5 pieces, but then when I tried to take the cooked meat from the furnace, it said inventory full .. so i open my inventory, and discovered that those fruits i picked earlier, while my consumable-inventory was full, actually added to my inventory.  Meaning that I was able to break the 40 slot limit.(?)  Not a game breaker, but maybe put a solid cap on the 40 slots of consumable inventory, and run a check when picking fruit for 'available slots' in consumable inventory?  I guess these thoughts could be applied to all areas of inventory.(?)

* (idea) how about if you chop a fruit tree down, it puts all of its fruit into your inventory (if there is room (aka 40+ problem as described))

* (idea, cosmetic) while your gaining exp, or anything for that matter, that shows up in that list on the bottom-right, seems static, (ie, mining metal, shows the same message, I know its really scrolling, but its not visible) maybe you can make it dynamic in someway.

* (bug, inventory) if consumable inventory is over-full (past 40), you cannot open the seed table -- had to consume some food from inventory, then I was able to open the Seed Table

I never mentioned it, but I'm an application developer (no games).  So if you ever want to run logic by me, feel free.  :)



I'll definitely make sure I thank you in the next update blog lol!

Thanks alot for the kind offer i'll keep it mind & thanks for the active support  & feedback.

PS: When you re position the flag it removes the spawn point

(To avoid teleportation exploit)

Roger that on the flag.  Starting a new game, to kick off "Set 3".