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The Sniper Code is now available on!

A topic by softlitude created Jul 18, 2017 Views: 268 Replies: 1
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The Sniper Code Gameplay

The Sniper Code, is a challenging and addictive shooting game, with a complete package of puzzle+action levels, to challenge your brain and to test your aiming+control skills.  


Enemies captured a part of your country. You are the one who is selected to eliminate critical enemies before sending a ground force. You have only one night to accomplish this mission. By applying, your intelligence and shooting skills you can make it possible. 


* 30 challenging missions 

* Intuitive & exhilarating gameplay

* Different types of gameplay (shooting+runner)

* Free In-game store to buy new weapons and specials 

* Easy-to-use multi-touch control  

Play full game for free on (touch screen is required).

Also available on:

App Store:

Play Store:


Thanks for sharing, nicely made game.