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Ragdoll Dismount

A topic by ShyamB created Jul 17, 2017 Views: 308 Replies: 3
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Hi guys i just made this quick game to see what it was like to make a 2d game on unity check it out and if there is any criticism don't hesitate to tell me as this is in its very early stages.

link to game :


Cool! How difficult is it to implement physics in a 2D game like this?

I found a small bug. If you press the "fire" button and then the "reset" button, the game launches you right away.

thanks for the reply! For a 2d physics game I actually found making this game quite simple to make in Unity because the physics engine handles everything so little to no coding is required so definitely give it a try.

I will do that at some point. Need to find a fun and unique way of using ragdoll physics. :)