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[REVSHARE] Looking for 1 bit pixel artist

A topic by RoahR created Feb 26, 2021 Views: 213 Replies: 2
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Hi everyone, I'm working on a 2D roguelike top down shooter. I'm looking for somenone who could expand the 1 bit tileset made by VEXED (Bountiful Bits - 10x10 RPG Assets (1Bit) by VEXED (, if you're around buddy, you're more than welcome by the way ;) also some level design skills would help.

As I can't pay for the project, I propose to offer you the tool Tilekit (Tilekit by rxi ( by Rxi to help the level design process for the game and for all your future projects!

A word about the game, Remnant of a hundred realms is pretty similar to a Binding of Isaac, gameplay wise, but the character management is completely different as it is designed to allow the player to "craft" its very own and unique playstyle. The project is currently being prototyping in Godot.

You can contact me here or on Discord (RoahR#4989). 


Sent you a friend request on Discord

Hey there, I have sent you a friend request, though I have taken interest in your work.  Here are the games I have worked on plus countless other design work showing my experience in pixel art and game design:

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