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Pathogen-X [Demo]

Retrieve the vaccine to a deadly mutative virus. · By sodaraptor, ragnaroksixx

Cool demo, funky controls though.

A topic by Dustin Gunn created Feb 24, 2021 Views: 93 Replies: 1
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The player is so far to the left it makes aiming and interacting a pain. The movement is also really slippery in a way that doesn't fit a survival horror game. You can't walk forward and backward without moving in a little semicircle. It feels weird.

I also fell through the world.


Hi Dustin- yes, falling through the world does happen occasionally, due to the way the level generation works it's possible that rooms may spawn in overlapping. We hope to have this refined in the final game. As for the way aiming/interacting works with the camera position, this should also work better in the future, as we plan on implementing a "zoom" feature when right-clicking.

An update planned for this weekend should hopefully fix the controls and make them feel tighter and less slippery.