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Hey fox, thanks for checking it out. I will look into more accessibility options for a future update.

Just updated the Windows version to 0.3.1 with a few things that may fix the crashing issue. Let me know if you're still seeing it after updating.

Sorry this is happening Pixelguin- I'm looking through the log now and trying to figure out what the problem could be.

Thanks Luc, glad you enjoyed it!

There's not. Sorry :(

Hey Benji- there is only one level available in the current demo.

Hi Ronin- thanks. All assets used in the game's demo were created from scratch.

Hi Benji- no, I probably won't be able to fulfill that unfortunately. I'd like to be able to selectively pass out keys to people who've already purchased the itch version, but it would be a big logistical undertaking and I just wouldn't have time to handle that right now. Apologies.


Hi fox -

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately Pathogen-X is on permanent hiatus. It may or may not return in the future, but right now it's uncertain.

Thanks a bunch Diego! Always happy to hear a spook was given

Sick video, thanks Piper!

Thanks Aeilif, glad you enjoyed it so much. Big update planned soon, so stay tuned~

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Thanks Kidd & co, glad you liked the demo. You can view all your photos in-game by pressing Tab and selecting Album. I have a big update coming soon so stay tuned~

Such a great little experience. Great example of how to do a good, slow, buildup of tension without using any loud noises or jumpscares. I appreciated the craft here. I also noticed a couple spots where it felt very liminal and couldn't help but get some screenshots. Excellent work.


I just hit the make game button

They're around, look harder.

Thanks. Read about future development here:

Might only be 32 bit then. Haven't had any testing with the newest Mac OS release, so it may simply not work. I will look into it!

Some day

Should work for 64 bit

Mostly creating a couple dozen capsule images for the game's page, filling out compatibility forms, and configuring Steamwork settings. It's not a lot of work, but I'd like to have some things improved, tweaked, and added to the update before a Steam release.

Hi hex- yes; it will be increased in an update. In the meantime, you can move the photos from the game's folder to another folder on your PC.

Thanks for letting me know- I'll have this corrected in an update

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Hi Bumms- possibly. I don't have a dedicated mac to build on so it's not guaranteed. I may be looking into it soon though

Hi sekitan- the correct word here is indeed "janky". The demo was made in 30 days and has a lot of rough edges. We don't know when we'll return to polish it up, but I appreciate all your feedback. Cheers

Do you like l i m i n a l s p a c e s

Interior Worlds is a first-person photography game, where you spend time exploring and photographing strange, yet familiar liminal spaces.

  • Explore SEVEN expansive worlds, such as a roadside hotel, snowed-in suburb, a dying mall, and more.
  • Snap unlimited photos of interesting locations with your 35mm SLR camera, track and catalog them all in an in-game album.
  • Interact with nearly everything in the environment; vending machines, phones, sinks, televisions, and lighting.
  • FREE demo!

Check it out now this Halloween weekend with headphones on for the ultimate liminal experience ▼ ▼ ▼

I will be looking into it sometime early next year after we do some more work on Covert Critter! But it's definitely a high chance.

No problem- looks great for Pizza Ghost!

Thank you Cake~

Thanks Jetter!

Hi Naph- thanks for checking out the game! In the current version, all of the S ranks for levels 2-8 are bugged and not possible. We are preparing for another update soon that will include a few tweaks including fixes to the ranking system. Sorry!

Thanks Matt~

Thanks cannedFood- go for it :)

Early next month if I'm able to get my hands on a Mac to get a proper build going.

Hi nerem-

Not in any meaningful way. Once we saw the reception to our jam game Covert Critter, we've decided to focus our attention on that at this time. Pathogen-X will remain on hold for the foreseeable future or until Covert Critter is completed sometime next year.

Hi amin- I'm not sure, we didn't test that.