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Stolen game. Original:

Stolen game. Original:

Stolen game. Original:

Stolen game. Original:

Really cool stolen game :)

Really cool stolen game :)

Looks awesome, love the game's vibe! Great use of the case :)

Hi pixel-

Unreal is also capable of emulating the retro visuals. Take a look at this channel on YT:

Good luck, hope to see some games from you soon ;)

Thanks Karolina, game looks awesome and case worked out great with it!

Oo, looking forward to seeing it!

Very hyped for this. Art style and gameplay look super solid!

That sucks. Thanks for letting me know.

Looking into this. No idea why this has been happening.

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Works fine for me in Firefox. Using version 119.0.1 (latest), no issues or errors playing in the browser. Check if you need to update or if any extensions are causing conflicts.

Thanks, Shane :-)

Hi Neco- no worries. You were probably auto-blocked by an extension I use in Chrome called Blue Blocker and I just didn't notice. I've unblocked you.


Yeah it does that sometimes. Only solution I know of is to restart your machine with the controller connected. If that doesn't work it's just a bug

Thanks- it's on sale here:

That's awesome! I love the bit of Vampire Survivors-esque gameplay style and the class choices. Glad Wolfgun gave you a bit of inspo :)

Hi shwm- sorry that's happening. What error are you seeing specifically?

Hey fox, thanks for checking it out. I will look into more accessibility options for a future update.

Just updated the Windows version to 0.3.1 with a few things that may fix the crashing issue. Let me know if you're still seeing it after updating.

Sorry this is happening Pixelguin- I'm looking through the log now and trying to figure out what the problem could be.

Thanks Luc, glad you enjoyed it!

There's not. Sorry :(

Hey Benji- there is only one level available in the current demo.

Hi Ronin- thanks. All assets used in the game's demo were created from scratch.

Hi Benji- no, I probably won't be able to fulfill that unfortunately. I'd like to be able to selectively pass out keys to people who've already purchased the itch version, but it would be a big logistical undertaking and I just wouldn't have time to handle that right now. Apologies.


Hi fox -

Thanks for the kind words. Unfortunately Pathogen-X is on permanent hiatus. It may or may not return in the future, but right now it's uncertain.

Thanks a bunch Diego! Always happy to hear a spook was given

Sick video, thanks Piper!

Thanks Aeilif, glad you enjoyed it so much. Big update planned soon, so stay tuned~

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Thanks Kidd & co, glad you liked the demo. You can view all your photos in-game by pressing Tab and selecting Album. I have a big update coming soon so stay tuned~

Such a great little experience. Great example of how to do a good, slow, buildup of tension without using any loud noises or jumpscares. I appreciated the craft here. I also noticed a couple spots where it felt very liminal and couldn't help but get some screenshots. Excellent work.