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Hi Dustin- yes, falling through the world does happen occasionally, due to the way the level generation works it's possible that rooms may spawn in overlapping. We hope to have this refined in the final game. As for the way aiming/interacting works with the camera position, this should also work better in the future, as we plan on implementing a "zoom" feature when right-clicking.

An update planned for this weekend should hopefully fix the controls and make them feel tighter and less slippery.

Hi Rooster- yes, we plan to include a toggle for enabling/disabling the crunchy psx dithering

Just incredible. The MML visual style is nearly 1 to 1, yet the game as a whole has it's own charm and identity that separates itself from being too much of a direct clone. The movement feels great, although I feel like the mid-air dash should launch me horizontally, instead of downwards. Dashing is also smooth and works well, but I found myself constantly holding shift thinking it would put me in dash mode (old habit). Everything else is simply perfect, from the character models and textures, to the environments and enemy design.

One other thing I want to mention is that if you press 7 on the keyboard, it launches the character into the air (a debug function I assume) and you can bypass a lot of content. I just wasn't sure if that's something you intended to leave in the current demo!

Hey, glad the performance runs better for you now! We can definitely look into adding a setting for adjusting the "psx" filter, since it can be a little intense at times.

Thanks a lot for playing through the demo! Lots of updates to the guns, monsters, and adding the story mode as well are on the horizon. Glad you enjoyed it!

Appreciate you taking the time to play through the demo! We've got tons of updates on the way, so a lot of tweaks to the gunplay and monster aggressiveness will be improved. Glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks so much for playing through the demo! I agree the shotgun should be more powerful, so we'll be tweaking that, and the monsters/boss will be much more aggressive in later updates as well. Glad you enjoyed it!

Sounds good 👍

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Just played through and I love the foundation you guys have started. The first thing that catches my eye the most are the visuals. Very atmospheric, hopeless, dreadful. It works well with the cold environments and dim lighting. The intro text looks like it's inspired by MacReady's message from The Thing (I love it)! Other than that, I wrote up a few points of feedback I hope you find useful:

- Looks like the music on the main menu doesn't loop.
- There's some overlapping with the character's light and the environment lights. You could solve this issue mostly by baking your environment lights.
- Character's light illumination doesn't extend out far enough (very dim), feels more like a lighter than a flashlight.
- Strange dialogue on discovering the first dismembered leg: "looks like it's missing its sister". It's feels a little out of place. Might be more impactful if the character says something like "have the [dinos] been through here?" Which eludes to an evil presence that you'll encounter soon.

- Dialogue line cutoff when outside "I won't walk away from the path, I can't risk getti-"

- Dinosaur animation is very rough (I imagine there will be more development on this).
- In regards to the dinosaur concept: I'm not super sold on plain looking raptor breeds being found in an arctic climate. It's a cool concept (no pun intended), but dinosaurs that may have ever existed in that type of environment would have had feathers or fur to cover near their head, neck, and body. It might be more believable once the dinosaur enemy design is fleshed out more, or made to look more "arctic". Take a look at some images of "polar dinosaurs", they may help the design a bit.

That's all I was able to come up with. I look forward to seeing more development on the game and best of luck to you guys!

This looks amazing! Is there any kind of short demo available to try before purchasing?

¡Gracias por jugar el juego! Lástima que utilizó la primera versión de demostración, hay una mejor jugabilidad en la más nueva. ¡Que tenga un lindo día!


Thanks for playing! I don't mind if you want to use screenshots

Thanks so much for checking out the demo. Amoroso! Glad you enjoyed it!

merci coisef. si vous l'avez aimé, vous devriez jouer à "aske". très bon jeu doom

Thanks for checking it out FullThrough and for the great feedback! We'd like to work on this game again someday, so I will keep your comment in mind.

Hi braykinl- can you reply with your game logs? They are in the directory I posted above. Thanks.

Thanks for the feedback, this is really helpful! You'll definitely be seeing adjustments to the ammo/health pickups in later updates.

Hey gucci- it looks like you are trying to run the game using the built-in Intel HD graphics of your PC/laptop. The game currently doesn't support running on dedicated graphics, so that's why you're seeing a black screen after loading it up (it's not rendering any of the visuals). You will need an Nvidia or AMD graphics card in order to run Pathogen-X.

Hi Dhonnye - first off thanks for checking out a video for the game, I'm sorry I don't have a way for you to play it. Second, I don't currently have plans to port it to Android, but I may in the future if I ever have the chance. Thanks again!

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You were able to map the game to an Xbox One controller? That's awesome. We are working on having native controller support, but it looks like it was a smooth experience judging from your playthrough (minus the death at the end there). Thanks a bunch for checking it out!

Hey Amoroso - can you send me your game log files? 

They are located in C:\Users\(your pc name)\AppData\LocalLow\RaptorSoft\Pathogen-X Demo

This way I can narrow down the issue. Thank you!

Loved it!

Hi Beef - I wish I could tell you for certain there would be, but I don't have any way to properly test Mac builds (or Linux) without a machine or going through the process of setting up parallels. I hope to get a hold of an actual machine I can do most of this on in the near future, so I won't say never. Sorry!

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We hope to have the both the main campaign and the final version of shuffle mode available sometime around September, hopefully.

Hi Dan - yes, we can definitely add in a sensitivity setting! Check back for our update in a few days.

Absolutely fantastic. I adore everything about this, from the perfectly emulated PSX palette to the crispy smooth music to the unique set of mushroom characters. 

One thing I'll say about the gameplay is it's like if you took the difficulty of Stormy Ascent and multiplied by 5 or 6. The checkpoints are a bit more forgiving here than in Crash though so it's not as noticeable how often I die (and I died a lot). If anything maybe the hitboxes on some of the spike traps need slight adjusting. 

This game's a true gem in the huge sea of PSX-like titles out there right now, and I'm very excited to see what comes of later development.

Hi gucciapple - can you send me your game log files? 

They are located in C:\Users\(your pc name)\AppData\LocalLow\RaptorSoft\Pathogen-X Demo

This way I can narrow down the issue. Thank you!

Hi Jeremy - you absolutely do not need to pay anything to play the demo. It's completely free.

Hi Llamabetes, thanks so much for supporting the project! We're still in the "drawing board" state of development for the story part of the game, but we'd like to have at least one other scenario that gives you an entirely different playthrough with a different character (similar to RE2). Controller support will hopefully be in sometime this month!

Great video, thanks for checking out the demo!

Hey, thanks for playing the demo!! I really appreciate your feedback. The demo is going through a ton of iterations right now, so I'm not surprised you played the first version. The scoring is a bit more lenient in the updated version (less penalty for taking your time), there's now an aiming reticle, and the rocket launcher also has better hit detection and is less underwhelming. As for your comments, there is indeed a lot of adjustments that need to be made as development continues, including the roll, which is definitely crucial. The player controls in general need a lot of work. The enemies currently have a body part-specific hitbox, so headshots for the zombies and boss do more damage (it can be hard to tell with lack of hit feedback). If you have any other suggestions feel free to let us know. Thanks again for checking it out, cheers!

Sounds like a cool idea, we'll see what we can do!

Hey Jason- we are adding in graphics options in our Saturday update. Stay tuned.

Updated to Version 4.1:

  • Forgot to commit the changes to the Action Express.

Nice gameplay, thanks for checking it out! Yeah, the laser pointer gun (action express) is infinite ammo, only for demo purposes, so you don't need to find more ammo for it. Cheers!

The letterboxing on your video makes the game look like a movie, nice. Thanks for checking out the demo!

Thanks for playing the demo, Bros!

Thanks for checking it out Tsukuru!