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Hey roguetaver- Thanks for using the pack, looks awesome! 

Took me a few hour-long sessions, but I managed to finally beat it. Got super lucky towards the end and found a machete that one-shot the big, hulking zombie guys.

Damn good for 7 days, which isn't surprising considering how great Oceanworks turned out. There's a huge amount of room for improvement, which I know you're working on and I'm stoked for. Here's my impressions of the post-jam version though-

  • Crazy high difficulty spike right out the gate. Eventually I learned the meta and decided that if before floor 3 I didn't come across a weapon upgrade to just restart. I feel like this might've been alleviated by making the "crawler" zombies a one-shot kill from the beginning, as the early floors were missing a type of weak, cannon-fodder enemy variety.
    • To add- I wasn't crazy about having the first floor of the game always be completely empty, unless the rate of things spawning there were just extremely low. There should be at least one or two items to collect here, as either health or ammo would definitely ease out the curve.
  • Some camera orientations made combat unfair. Like some others have said, going south without having the floor plan active is almost always a guaranteed ambush by an off-screen enemy. Maybe a button to "peek" a few tiles in a certain direction would help, or making hallways appear on the map the same way full rooms do.
  • The "flesh flower" enemies were totally OP. I like the idea of an enemy that kind of "poisons" you and drops you to one hp, but maybe having your health slowly regen after getting hit would help. The meta for these guys was essentially to get hit, then run around without healing and down the rest since they can't kill you. The problem was with other normal enemies lurking around that would catch you at one-hp, especially when you have no herbs.
  • Strange game-pad quirks? I played with 360 controller and I had an issue where if I died and pressed the A button to continue, it would close the game. Not sure what was going on.

Those were some of the biggest things I was off with, but otherwise great framework so far. To be honest I kind of got a little addicted just trying to beat this thing, so you got a good hook going on. Super excited to see a more expanded and polished version later.


Hi Rooster- save data is stored in the Registry, so if you want to transfer a file you can follow these steps:

  1. Type Registry in your Windows Search and open it
  2. Paste this string into the top bar: Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Raptorsoft
  3. Right-click on the Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams folder and select export, name and save the file somewhere
  4. On the new device, repeat steps 1-2
  5. With the Raptorsoft folder selected, go to File>Import then select the file you exported in step 3
  6. Data should now be transferred

You can also wipe save data by simply deleting the Hypnagogia: Boundless Dreams folder.

Hi Paul-

Thanks for the thoroughly thought out review. I appreciate you playing and enjoying the game so much! Cheers

Hi Bo- any art used in the gallery will be applied to the in-game canvas exactly how it was submitted. For example, if you submit a 1000x1000 pixel illustration, those are the dimensions that will be used in the game's material. Hope this helps

Hi Cherub- I was not aware of that bug in the mansion jumping puzzle. I'm wondering if it has to do with how you attach to the platforms. I'll give it a look for the next update, thank you

Hi scott- I will look into this in a future update. Thanks for checking out and enjoying the game

Hi Sub- thanks for checking both games out, I'm glad you enjoyed. For the tic-tac-toe message, are you referring to the cipher on the ground in some spots?

Hi Orbit- thanks for using the template. Looks great with Vinapunk's aesthetic!

You can listen to it here:

This and the Steam version are kept updated simultaneously, so you're good if you want to get either one.

Thank you


Hey QuakeRanger, thanks for checking the game out and providing some good feedback. If we decide to return to this project in the future, it'll definitely be a lot more polished and varied gameplay.


Hi ragingfails- Thanks so much for playing. Yes, it is the only hidden level in the game. I intended for more originally but ran short on time. 

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I haven't figured out how to set up automatic updates using the build tools yet, so I've just been replacing the files with the updated ones manually. You'd have to redownload the game on this page each time there is an update.

On Steam it automatically updates.

This is due to a controller-related driver issue. It usually fixes itself if you restart your PC without any USB controllers plugged in, then trying the game again.

The first upgrade you can get enables auto-fire

You can change the resolution in the pause menu:

Hi Henvak - what is the bug?

Atlyss just keeps getting better and better. Played around with the newest version for about an hour in single player mode and everything's feeling great. The spells especially have a good amount of punch to them. Love the new emotes and extra character customization, can't wait to see the other races. The music/ambience fits perfectly with the pace of combat and general atmosphere. Only thing I'll say is the minimap is a little too big for me, and it looks like picking Restart after death is the same as picking Quit, but I know all the UI stuff will continue to be ironed out as time goes on. Awesome work so far!

Hypnagogia 無限の夢 Boundless Dreams is a first-person exploration game that takes you on an adventure through a series of mystifying dream vignettes, each with their own unique theme and visual style. Watch the short cinematic/gameplay trailer here:

Things are not as pleasant as they seem however...

Gogi the dream protector has been kidnapped by a malevolent force, and in his absence the ethereal Dream Crystal has fractured. Its shards spread throughout the world. As nightmares begin to rapidly manifest, how will things unfold as you begin you descent into the dreamscape

  • Explore 12 vibrant, hand-crafted worlds, each with their own population of unique characters, with more hidden in the darker corners...
  • Make choices during certain exchanges of dialogue. Strange creatures from many different walks of life have much to share!
  • Fully animated in-game cutscenes to drive an intriguing narrative and create a believable dream world.
  • Original music tracks created for each individual world to completely immerse you.
  • Late 90's 3D visual style inspired by iconic consoles such as Dreamcast and Playstation.

Newly released and recently updated to version 0.2.3.

▼ Pick it up now for a 20% off discount through this Friday ▼

Added the d o w n l o a d for you

Hey SOTC- Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it so much you got to 100 waves! We didn't account for anyone getting that high, so everything breaks haha. We will definitely consider adding to it at some point, as there's a lot we could do with how basic it is now. Cheers!

That's insane haha. Testing it I only ever got up to around 16. I bet everything was so broken and all the audio was getting blown out by your gunshots.

Thanks for checking it out!

This is so well done, I couldn't stop playing. The concept is fantastic, and gameplay scales fairly. I appreciated the different stage and enemy designs. Awesome job for a weekend project!

Thank you 5mg~ happy you enjoyed the game!

Hey Jerem- thanks for checking the game out and giving such detailed feedback. Our workflow is usually pretty lax during game jams with extremely tight deadlines such as LD, so some jankiness is expected. We opted to have the shot speed and other things lackluster when you start because you can upgrade those in the shop when you have enough money (one of the first things you can buy is an auto-fire upgrade). We felt like ramping you quickly into being OP early on just so you could experience everything sooner rather than later. If we ever had time and expanded on it, we'd definitely look into scaling and balancing as some of the first improvements. Thanks again for playing, glad you enjoyed it!

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Hello itch community! Some friends and I have just released our short action shooter for Ludum Dare 49, WOLFGUN

Made in roughly 72 hours, it has you take on the role of an angry, gun-wielding werewolf! As WOLFGUN, you are on the set of a bad horror film and suddenly real zombies begin crawling out of the woodwork. Grab your guns, knock back a BEAST ENERGY™, and rage your way through the droves of enemies!

Play it here > >>

Rate us on LD >>>$258693

This was sick. For just 2 weeks of development, it plays, looks, and sounds great. Would love to see this project continued some day with more layers of gameplay.

Absolutely dope. Only issue I think I had was during the Follow the Light level. Initially got past the first set of cameras, then the second set moved before I got to them and they never rotated back around. I assumed it was intentional, just left me confused at first as I waited for them to reset. That final level was probably my favorite. Really put my memory to the test. Awesome work.

Glad to hear you enjoyed it! There will be bonuses in the sequel which will save properly, including another hub+ mode. I may go back one day after and implement saving into this one as well. I hope to have that weird controller issue and any other bugs worked out too. Cheers

Could possibly be controller drift, it happens to mine when I use it occasionally. As for the freezing, not sure about that... could you post your PC specs?