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This game is lacking a lot of polish. The controller controls have no dead zone so you can't just move up/down/left/right without wavering like you're drunk. Every time you press start on controller, the mouse cursor is hovering over the middle option. The default mouse sensitivity is like 0.5 dpi and the input menus to change it lag like crazy.

Gameplay wise, there's multiple death pits you can't even see, and most of my deaths were from falling into them, or veering into pits due to the analog controls. The unmarked camera turns also sometimes just throw you off of cliffs. Level 4 was genuinely a bad time due to this. In the last level, after falling down a required pit, I took a sidepath and started progressing through the level backwards and ended up at the start of an alternate path or something.

Pretty much every level ending cutscene had my character running in place. One time the cutscene ended and the boss did another attack before it transitioned to a new level. Level 5 also has a pit under the reused core boss where you can't escape and have to restart checkpoint.

The player is so far to the left it makes aiming and interacting a pain. The movement is also really slippery in a way that doesn't fit a survival horror game. You can't walk forward and backward without moving in a little semicircle. It feels weird.

I also fell through the world.

Scythe 2 had some impossible parts in the last episode (Scythe 1 also had these) but that's to be expected since it wasn't designed for GMOTA.

The fire elementals with 100% tracking shots seemed a bit much. If the map spawns one close to you, you're guaranteed to die since they do over 100 damage in a volley.

The cybermancers are generally great enemies, but I do think it's a bit frustrating that their 2 deadliest attacks are the ones that don't have windups (the solid beam, and the projectiles+beam.)

The weapon set is good. Rockets felt kinda weak. I couldn't tell if the alt fire increased or decreased the DPS.

Pavise Guards (if those are the bosses based on cyberdemons) I'm finding take a really long time, yeah. Mainly, it's the enemies that shoot cannonballs since the scythe maps are absolutely filled to the brim with them, they're often at a distance, and in the best case scenario, it takes 5 point-blank shots with the thunderbuss.

As Blaz you could press the zoom button to supercharge your gauntlet and chew through them (though sometimes the flying reaper enemies wouldn't die. I'm not sure if they have some invincibility mechanic.)

Am I missing something or does it take a very long time to kill the heavier monsters as the doomslayer? Like, multiple minutes of peeking and shooting with the SSG.