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[Art][Revenue share] Finished small 2d mobile game, missing good sprites, artist needed

A topic by peter_szecsenyi created Jul 12, 2017 Views: 168 Replies: 3
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Hello everyone, I have almost finished a small 2d mobile game, but because I'm not a artistic person, it's lacking good sprites. I tried my best, but it looks like coding is the thing for me, not drawing.  A sprite is good if it is better than the ones I made (not hard).  The game will be put up on google play and this site, and will be monetized crossy road style.  (You unlock random cosmetic only skins with money, you get money by either playing or watching video ad).  The share will be 50/50 between you and I.

The game: 

It's  a infinite jumper just like doodle jump, you have to go up until you fall or hit a obstacle, but the way you jump is vastly different. If you contact me, i can send you the game.

Picture: Here

Looking forward to eager artists!

I'd like to see if I can't try my hand at making something for it!

If you'd like I could show you the kinds of art I do and am capable of, but I'd also like to see the kind of style you're going for with it before making anything for it. Thanks!

Good day if you have a place I would like to become a designer for your game.

I can do pixel art as well as other types as well. What type would you be wanting for this?