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Screenshot save dialog

GameMaker & Construct 2 plugins to let user pick where to save screenshot(s). · By YellowAfterlife

Web Demo Broken, project broken in 2.3

A topic by daar created Feb 10, 2021 Views: 258 Replies: 3
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When trying the webdemo in html5 I get a blank image

Here's the image^ I downloaded. As you can see its completely blank

Also the project file seems to be broken in 2.3 , on compile it says incorrect number of arguments on scripts that I think are built into the extension


I would like to point out that when reporting issues in free extensions, it is essential that you include the steps that you’ve taken and the exact error message.

I just imported the project into GMS2.3.1.542, it did not error, so I uploaded that YYZ and updated the demo with it.

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Thank you so much! Everything works perfectly now!
With or without WebGL, windows or HTML5, on itch or running on a build. Its all running smoothly on my end. 

I want to say, I do deeply appreciate all the work you have put into various extensions to help developers make games and you continuing to support and patch them after the 2.3 update broke almost everything. 

Two things and a question-


Thing one- As far as I can tell line 1 and 3 don't preform any sort of function, they look like they are left over from debugging.  

Thing two- The middle click function to create and save a part of a surface mentioned in the project description  doesn't seem to exist in the 2.3 file.
Which is a bit of a shame because it would be really useful to be able to save a surface instead of a full screenshot.  

Question-  How hard would it be to store the screenshot in html5's working directory,  so it could be then loaded in game with add_sprite, for example as a thumbnail in a save menu. 

  1. At the time of writing the extension, there was something related to what functions have to be called/referenced for it to work on WebGL. If you have removed the lines and it still doesn’t fail, then you’re good.

  2. It would appear that the code split up between GMS1 and GMS2 versions so that would have to be ported manually. The error must have been due to argument count breaking change in GMS2.3.1 so the extension needs to be edited for that.

  3. You could get around this by changing the extension to return you base64 encoded string (canvas.toDataURL()) instead of saving and then passing it to sprite_add with help of another extension I made a while ago. This tutorial series may help.