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Ancestor's Blade

A topic by Awoken Studios created Jul 10, 2017 Views: 217 Replies: 2
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It looks like we've decided on our first project! How does a stealth/action/puzzle ninja game sound to everyone? -Alex


How long is a piece of string? :P

The better question is, how does this game idea sound to you? Would you play your own game once you made it? Besides, execution matters more than genre. I was never fond of platformers, yet there are some I spent a lot of time with, even playing them to the end, because they were just that entertaining. Speaking of which, what flavor of game are you thinking? Because a pixel platformer would feel very different from a Thief-like 3D game, yet still fit the description just as well.

We're currently sorting out the finer details, such as art style. As of now, we have the plot and a broad idea of what we want to see in the end. I appreciate your comment, it's nice to get some interaction and constructive questions/comments here in the community (: -Alex